Ogy The Ogre Who Lived In Jack’s Beanstalk


Ogy the ogre was a giant chap,

He blew three trees over when taking a nap.

Every time that he snored, off two branches snap.

Ogy the ogre lived in Jack’s beanstalk,

He stepped over three hills whenever he took a walk.

And could be heard in South Africa when he started to talk.

Ogy the ogre ate beanstalk for dinner,

So the trunk turned out to be considerably thinner.

His crunch with the munchkins turned out to be a real winner.

Ogy the ogre had such big feet,

That he flattened a house when he stomped one beat.

With just one step, he could bounce off Crete.

Ogy the ogre grew so quick,

His bristles were as big as one of the beanstalk’s sticks.

He could gobble three woodpeckers in just one lick !

Ogy the ogre bent his knees,

But he was still bigger than every one of the forest trees,

And he blew over a fence when he started to sneeze.

Ogy the ogre had so much hair,

It eclipsed the Sun and kept the squirrel warm.

Farmer Giles cut with a tractor from his farm.

Ogy the ogre clapped his hands so loud,

He shook South America and moved a cloud.

Jack in the beanstalk said it shouldn’t be allowed !

Ogy the ogre sat down with such a bump,

The hillside no longer had a hump.

No wonder Jack was such a grump !


Ogy’s Favourite “Ogy” Words

Circle Ogy the ogre inside these words.












Can you think of any more ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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