The Balmoral Mouse Who Wanted To Learn The Bagpipes


The mouse who lived underneath the moat bridge of Balmoral castle had a terrible problem that made him quite uptight … whenever he wanted to get some sleep, someone played music till midnight. They really were out of tune, perhaps they couldn’t read the music in the light of the moon ? Whenever they hit a wrong note, the Balmoral mouse though they sounded like a goat with a sore throat ! The Balmoral mouse called loudly out – “What was all this noise about ?. Can’t anybody get any sleep ? Where did you buy those bagpipes ? Were they going cheap ?”. His head ached – the music was half – baked. The castle door rattled and the moat bridge shaked. The Balmoral mouse decided to go and help – to make the singer’s singing sound better than a yelp ! He ran over the courtyard and up the bagpiper’s trouser leg. He tickled underneath his sporran, “Please stop !”, the bagpiper began to beg. When the Balmoral mouse sat on the windpipe, the music played was even more of a gripe. Instead of bass, all that could be heard, was a bellowing squeak … all around the world. The Balmoral mouse practised every day. It was him running up and down his kilt that caused bagpipers to always sway, some say. All around Edinburgh, the Balmoral mouse ran – once he was even almost shot, when he was fired at by the Mons Meg gun ! That really made him hit a high note and in the moat of Edinburgh castle, just about stayed afloat !


Playing The Bagpipes

Make a list of smaller words that are contained inside the title of this story. Example – “bag” and “pipe”.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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