The Cabbage Patch Next To The Beanstalk


Next door to Jack’s beanstalk there was a cabbage patch two feet wide. It was where all the caterpillars headed, when they wanted to go out for a slide. One day, Jack went out to mow the grass a bit. He sat down by the cabbage patch – it was a great place to sit. Jack brought a sandwich packed lunch … but when he sat on a vegetable, it was actually a cabbage that got crunched. Inside the cabbage patch, the compost must have been magical, because things grew twice as quick (including Jack’s spade, which doubled in size when it was laid). The cucumbers sold by Jack were a rip – roaring trade. The cabbages that grew in the cabbage patch were the biggest in Beanstalkland – the sprouts were more like footballs and tasted really grand. Jack counted twenty tomatoes, ripe enough to pick, but when he looked again … there were forty or more, growing up a stick. “That’s what happens in cabbage patches !”, the garden gnome pointed out at last – then he quickly ducked to dodge a tomato flying past. “Stop that tomato !”, Jack cried out … as one squashed tomato started rolling about (down the drainpipe and out of the spout !). As the squirrels all followed in hot pursuit, one of them tripped over a beanstalk root ! Soon, the rest of the animals were covered in ketchup, too. The tomato bounced past the bus – stop down the lane – it rolled much faster than a high speed train. From the cabbage patch, the tomato rolled at a hundred miles an hour – flattening a haystack and some of the flowers. As the tomato gathered speed, it accidentally crashed into a weed. Then it zig – zagged through the hedge – when it came to a cliff … and jumped off the edge ! The tomato abseiled quickly down – then headed off towards the town. The pedestrians on the pavement couldn’t believe their eyes, when they saw a tomato, chased by Jack arrive (both of them redder than the number twenty – five !). There was even more of a fuss, when the tomato slipped underneath a bus … “Watch out ! A flying tomato !”, the bus driver cried – to which the passengers replied “Was it raw, sliced or fried ?!”. SPLAT ! “What’s that ?!”, the conductor remarked, wondering why the bus wasn’t going and why it had been parked. In bounced the tomato, through the door. The conductor asked “Tickets, please “!”. Of course, the tomato hadn’t paid for his seat – so hid on the floor, dodging the passengers’ feet. Trying to squeeze between two bags on the bag rack, the tomato went red in the face and someone else sat in his place.

Cabbage Patch Caboodle

Add the letters C – A – B to complete the words


__ __ __ bage


__ __ __ le


s__ __ __


__ __ __ in


__ __ __ aret


__ __ __ inet


__ __ __ riole


__ __ __ oodle


__ __ __ oose


__ __ __ ochon


__ __ __ al


__ __ __ ala


__ __ __ ana

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answers : cabbage ; cable ; scab ; cabin ; cabaret ; cabinet ; cabriole ; caboodle ; caboose ; cabochon ; cabal ; cabala ; cabana

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