The Mighty Termite Who Turned Right At The Beanstalk


Jack was walking around the beanstalk one day, looking for someone who might come and out play. All of the animals, it seemed were in hibernation – he couldn’t find anyone at all. He asked the ant – but she was ironing her pants. The flea said that she didn’t have the time and the bee said the same, too – now, when Jack wanted to play, what was he to do ? The spider, who was making a spidery trap, said he was caught up with a million and one flies to catch, but maybe later he’d come and play snatch. The hen declined, saying that she had a batch of eggs to hatch … and that perhaps Jack could go play ball with his dog, Patch. Evetually, the only creature, who said that they’d come out to play, was the termite on the trunk of the beanstalk, who said that he’d like a go on Jack’s new bike, but instead of turning left, he accidentally turned right. 

Catch !

Can you spot which animal is hidden inside these words ?




mousey hair

ducked under




© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answers : ant ; bee ; slug ; mouse ; ducked under ; pony ; mite ; cat ; dog ; rat

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