The Moon Over The Beanstalk


The Moon over Jack’s beanstalk glowed just like a light bulb all night. As the beanstalk grew taller, bats flew overhead between the branches. Stars glistened in the sky … and sometimes, you could hear a wolf cry in the distance. The owl, who was usually a quiet fellow, even popped up once just to say “hello !”. The squirrels, who lived in the branches of Jack’s beanstalk watched the Moon pass, until at dawn, the yellow Moon appeared towards the lawn to drop. Jack feared it would disappear completely, if it didn’t stop at the bus – stop ! He called to the rabbits, “Put the Moon back before it slides out of the universe !”. “Get out of the way !”, the rabbits cried to the bat, before the Moon squashed him flat. The woodpecker went to get a rope, to see if he could catch the Moon, but with little hope. On the hillside, it continued sliding down the slope. The insects heaved, to put the Moon back … they didn’t want the night to turn completely black ! By now, the Moon was edging towards a flower, it had passed over the fence and was heading towards a flower. The strings holding up the Moon must have become slack, so Jack went to catch it in a sack. But it was useless, the Moon edged two inches nearer to the haystack, where the cow tried with his hooves to give it a “WHACK !” back onto the track. Perhaps sticky glue might put the Moon back into it’s place, from where it had fallen from outer space. Dawn was approaching, so the task became quite a race. Nobody wanted the Moon to completely disappear without a trace ! This went on for at least a week, the Moon kept on disappearing from view – so the crow tried to catch it in his beak ! In the morning, when the Sun came out, the Moon was invisible – “Had it swam downstream ?”, asked the trout. The following night, when the Moon re – appeared, someone had eaten part of it, Jack feared. The zebra used his stripes to measure the Moon … noticing it was three centimetres greater, with one more crater, back in June. Somebody had taken a bite out of the Moon ! The tiger blamed the cheetah, who was usually an incredible eater ! Or perhaps the Moon had been eaten by a hungry alligator. But the real culprit, who had taken a meteorite sized bite, was the man in the Moon, to satisfy his hungry appetite ! He wanted to see if the Moon was really made from cream cheese, so he piled some moondust on crackers, which made him incredibly sneeze. Off part of the Moon blew in the breeze ! Now the Moon didn’t shine so bright, when Jack looked at it from the beanstalk’s height. The night looked like someone had turned off the light !

By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

Draw a new Moon, according to the proportions given below. Increase the size of the Moon in the illustration in the following proportions. What is the new diameter of the Moon ? Write the new diameter in actual (paper size) and relative (in km).


  3000 km

1. 1 : 2

2. 20 % bigger.

3. One quarter bigger.

4. 0.3 bigger.

5. 1 : 5

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers :

1. 5000 km

2. 3600 km

3. 3750 km

4. 4000 km

5. 3500 km

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