The Puddleduck With A Twaddle Waddle


Jemima Puddleduck had a twaddle waddle. Whenever she went out in a puddle for a paddle, she didn’t walk straight, but with a skewift waddle. Try as she might, to walk upright, she wobbled considerably, as she took off in flight. Although she tried to walk in a way that didn’t wobble and didn’t sway … she was such a plump duck that she fell over in the hay. She looked at all the other animals around Jack’s beanstalk and studied hard about how, like a catwalk model, to walk. The frog, she noticed, leapt about, whenever he wanted to jump from one lillypad to another. So Jemima Puddleduck tried that at first, but still her walk wasn’t straight … she skidded and crashed into the farmyard gate. Then she tried a long jump, over the duckpond, she landed in the middle, in even more of a muddle. Then the puddleduck tried to swim, like the athletes that she’d seen in the gym … or like the pond – skaters, who really knew how to skim. But when Jemima quacked, the ice on the pond cracked. Jemima Puddleduck didn’t float and was at least five metres from a boat. She fell right in. Luckily, the water was quite shallow, not deep, so Jemima Puddleduck from the waters could still peep. The birds, she noticed, when they flapped their wings, were much better at waddling than anything. So Jemima Puddleduck fluttered and tried to fly instead of sit … she looked quite ridiculous, sky – diving a bit. Jemima Puddleduck wished that she had fins, just like a fish, then her waddling would be quite so twaddle – ish ! Perhaps even strut like a lion or a tiger would be better, but when Jemima tried, she splashed so much, all the animals got wetter ! Jemima Puddleduck exercised daily, jogging in the park. Her twaddle waddling even drew a crowd, it was such a lark. To see how much time it would take and how many ripples that she could make, she waddled her way across the lake. Soon, the puddleduck was paddling so very fast, that none of her friends in Jack’s beanstalk, could see her as she waddled past.


Adding Paddling Puddleduck

Write a mathematical equation to show your working out to the following maths problems.

1. If Jemima Paddleduck travelled at a speed of 25 km / hour, how long did it take her to travel across the duckpond, 1 km wide ? Give your answer in minutes and seconds.

2. The ripples made by Jemima Puddleduck travelled across the duckpond three times as fast. How long did a ripple take to cross the duckpond ? Give your answer in minutes and seconds.

3. Jemima Puddleduck swam one fifth of the way across the pond in breast stroke, the rest she swam front crawl.

a) How far did she actually swim using each stroke ?

b) What proportion as a ratio did she swim each stroke ?

4. Jemima Puddleduck ate one lump of bread every four hours, thrown by a fisherman on the duckpond. Each lump of bread roughly measured 2 square cm. One loaf of bread contained 20 slices of bread.

a) How many bites were in one slice of bread ?

b) How long did a slice of bread measuring 16 cm long x 12 cm wide last(in hours and days) ?

c) How many loaves of bread were needed to feed Jemima Puddleduck for a whole year ?

5. Jemima Puddleduck dropped a feather every 5 metres. If she waddled across the pond,

a) How many feathers did she drop ?

b) How many of her 150 feathers were left ?

* you will need to find out the formula for working out the circumference of a circle.


The Paddling Puddleduck

Find all the words in the story that include the letters set – ADDLE, then write a brief definition of the following words. Give an example of how the word can be used in a sentence. Example – saddle, paddle.


Spelling Swimmingly

Add the letters M – I – N – G to complete the words.


foa __ __ __ __


hem __ __ __ __


slim __ __ __ __


roa __ __ __ __


ram __ __ __ __


skim __ __ __ __


trim __ __ __ __


fla __ __ __ __


dim __ __ __ __


swim __ __ __ __


war __ __ __ __


sha __ __ __ __


ta __ __ __ __


stem __ __ __ __


slam __ __ __ __


__ __ __ __ le


stor __ __ __ __


tee __ __ __ __


swar __ __ __ __


Smashing Splashing !

Circle the word “ash” inside these words.

















© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers :

1. 60 / 25 = 2.4 minutes = 2 mins 24 secs

2. 60 / (3 x 25 = 75) = 0.8 minutes = 48 seconds3. 200 : 800 m = 1 : 4

4. a) (16 x 12 = 192) / 2 = 96 bites b) 96 x 4 = 384 hours = 16 days c) loaves + slices = (16 x 20 = 320) + (365 – 320 = 45) / 16 = 2.8, therefore, one loaf and 2.8 slices

5. Circumference = 2 (ii r 2 / 3)

Answers :foaming



















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