The Skunk Who Lived In The Beanstalk Trunk


The skunk who lived in the beanstalk trunk had a bushy tail that was bigger that a bush. He was the one who kept the animals awake, when everything else in the glade was hush. Really, he wanted spots instead of stripes – but had no choice – he practised his singing with a squeaky voice. He exercised daily around the beanstalk and the animals all ran away when they saw him come for a walk. he skunk who lived in the beanstalk trunk, wobbled somewhat – everyone thought tha he must have been drunk, when he landed on a mushroom with a “CLUNK !”. The skunk who lived in the beanstalk trunk didn’t take a bite, but took a chunk. As the beanstalk grew, the skunk tucked into some mushroom stew. The skunk who lived in the beanstalk trunk, was really a strange old fellow – he didn’t much care for black and white, and would have preferred to have been yellow. Perhaps, red would have been a better colour – or even blue, to make his fur seem fuller.

The – UNK Skunk

Add the letters U – N – K to complete the words.

tr __ __ __

cl __ __ __

h __ __ __

ch __ __ __

p __ __ __

s __ __ __

f __ __ __

b __ __ __

The – UNC Skunk

How many words beginning with the letter “c” can the prefix “un” be added to, to make them clunk like a skunk ?

Circle the word set “unc” inside these words.










© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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