The Total Totem Pole


The totem pole as totally fed up … he’d been blown over by the wind three times and couldn’t get back up ! When In’jun Joe came along, the wind was still blowing really quite strong. But nothing could get the totem pole to stand straight … and In’jun Joe was getting irate. Can you help In’jun Joe ? What are the angles that the totem pole should go ? The angle shown in the diagrams is how far the totem pole is off the ground – in order to stand the totem pole upright, how much further in an anti – clockwise motion should In’jun Joe push the totem pole ?


1. Work out the remaining angle that the totem pole should travel to stand at a 90 degree right angle.2. What type of angle is the totem pole ? 45 , 75 , 55 , 25

3. If to move 5 degrees takes 50 joules of energy, how much energy does In’jun Joe use a) per angle ?

b) in total ?

4. To move 10 degrees takes 5 minutes, how much time does it take In’jun Joe to move,

a) each totem pole ?

b) all totem poles in total ?

5. Does the totem pole stay the same length ? Write an explanation for your theory.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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