The Zebra Who Got Lost In Zanzibar Zoo


The zebra was looking for something to do, so he decided to go to the zoo. He bought a ticket from a friendly lady at the door who came to greet her … and soon was walking round looking at the cheetahs. The bears roared when the zebra walked by – the zoo – keeper said he could feed, them if he the zebra wanted to try ! But their teeth looked sharp – the bears were grisly – so the zebra carried on to Risley. Zanzibar zoo had a few giraffes, too, as well as a sign to the gnu … but the zebra couldn’t read, so wasn’t able to find somewhere to feed. When the zebra went to look, he suddenly found that he became unstuck. He wanted to graze on maize, but was amazed when he found himself in a maze. The zebra was soon quite lost, skidding around the zoo, in the snow and frost. To find the food into which to tuck away, what he really needed was a map book to show him the way !


Draw a map of Zanzibar zoo, including all the following: Animals – giraffes, gorillas, alligators, elephants, bird cage, lions and tigers

Places – entrance, cafe, footpath, alligator pit, hotdog stand and exit


Write a list of directions for the zebra to follow around the zoo to get to the cafe where he could find something to eat.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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