What Time Is It, Mister Wolf ?


Jack wanted to know the time, so he asked Mister Wolf who lived next door, who had a watch and generally knew much more. The wolf flashed his teeth and gave Jack a grin. As he told him the time and when his favourite TV programmes were due to begin. The wolf’s eyes glistened when he saw Jack arrive … he ut on the oven and switched up the heat to gas mark five. When Jack asked the wolf, if it was two or three, little did he know, that he wanted to eat him for his tea ! The wolf was hugnry, he hadn’t eaten since breakfast, all that day, so Jack coming around was like dinner on the way ! Whilst Jack waited outside, the wolf went behind the beanstalk to hide, looking for mushroms that with Jack could be fried. Jack wondered to himself, what was taking the wolf so long, couldn’t he reach the clock on the shelf ?! When Jack peeped through the letterbox, he could see the hole in the wolf’s pair of socks ! The wolf chased Jack along the path, he almost caught him once, but Jack was quick. He hit the wolf on the head with a stick !!! “Ouch !”, the wolf cried out in pain, sheltering underneath the beanstalk, before it started to rain again.


2 Little, 2 Late

All of the following times contain the number two. Draw a clock to show the right time.


12 o ‘ clock Midday

2.00 a.m.


two minutes past six in the evening

3.22 a.m.

How many different times are there that contain the number two ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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