Alma Cross The Cross Albatross


Alma Cross the albatross was cross. In fact, he was positively irate … no – one knew what had upset him so much, but anyway, things weren’t that great. When Alma Cross the albatross was grumpy – he moaned. He moaned about the weather and about the cold … he moaned so much his jaw ached, or so that is what I’m told. The late bus made his cross and so did the beanstalk when he slipped on the moss. He was such an unhappy chap, he complained when the beanstalk insects awoke him from his nap. Alma arrived on a Boeing 747 – with a first class ticket that brought him to the beanstalk. In his suitcase he had packed, sunglasses, a swimsuit and a map. When Alma Cross the albatross came to stay, everything it seemed, got in a flap his way. The ladybird said that he would love to be, just like Alma the albatross and fly from the tree. So he tried to show the animals how to fly … but no matter how much they flapped their wings, they only fell down from the sky. Soon even the bunny rabbit, had Alma the albatross’s flying habit. But no matter how much he leapt about – he still remained in the same spot.


Crossing Out The Cross Albatross

Cross out “Ros” in the following words.











© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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