Nellie the Elephant’s Legs Eleven Game


God knows why, but Nellie the elephant wanted eleven legs. Of course, she only had four, which wasn’t enough to squash all her eleven eggs. This meant that there were seven eggs spare, that’s one left over and three leg – pairs. She reckoned that is she jumped up once, she’d crush all eleven eggs in just one bounce. Nellie the elephant asked Jack if he could help at all … by lending her some of his branches from the beanstalk so tall. Naturally, the centipede living on the beanstalk with his one hundred feet, was a good deal better at tapping out a hundred beats a treat ! He suggested that if the elephant wanted to crush eggs better in a rush, the best way would be to use the thick logs, rather than the twigs from the bush. In order to help the elephant walk, they cut seven logs from off the beanstalk. After Jack tied on the log – legs with a length of string, soon, the elephant was eleven – hopping without stopping. 


The Even Odder Odds & Even Game !

11 – is this an even or an odd number ? Divide the class into two teams, named “odds” and “evens”. Choose any of the mathematical equations on this web page to ask in turn. When a team player from the “odd” team gets an answer right, the whole team jumps up and down. Whereas, when a team player from an “even” team scores a point, they all turn around. A point is scored for each team when one of their players gets the answer right.


The Eleventh Hour

How many other English words and phrases can you think of that include the word “eleven” ? Example – 11 o’ clock.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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