The Bracket Tennis Racket Maths Game


Divide the class into two teams of tennis players. You could name them “Wimbledon” and the “French Open championship”, for example ! Draw ten tennis rackets on the whiteboard. Inside write a maths sum – the sides of the tennis racket form the brackets of a mathematical equation. Each tennis ball needs to be hit from each tennis racket, by solving the sum, before you can finish each set, match and game. One point is scored for each team when an equation is solved and the ball is shot.


Hitting The Net

Misfire shots (those where the wrong number above the correct answer is given) result in one deducted point for that team.


The Broken Racquet Spelling Game

Strike ! Some rackets are hit so hard that a hole in the racket appears … these numbers below the correct answer score half as many points (0.5 in normal shots and 1 point in bonus ball shots).


A Bonanza Bonus Ball

A number of the tennis racquets are highlighted (in advance, in secret) by the tennis umpire. The team who solves these equations, by chance, and scores a point by choosing these bonus balls, gets double points. Therefore, if you luckily choose a bonus ball, the team can score at least one point, whether or not the right answer is given.


The Gold Cup

In This maths game, the winning team are the players who score most points in total – with an extra, say 10 points, for the team who comes up with the final answer.For example, one sum that you could possibly use. Bonus balls are marked with a “B”.

(3 x 5) + (12 – 2) (B) + (10 x 10) (B) + (4 / 2) + (8 / 4) = ?

15 (1 point) + 10 (2 points) + 100 (2 points) + 2 (1 point) + 2 (1 point) = ?

Final Gold Cup answer : 129 (10 points)

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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