The Pigeon Who Couldn’t Find The Right Pigeonhole


One day, Jack was rather excited – all the beanstalk was in a flurry.

It was Jack’s beanstalk, so breakfast had to hurry.

He was expecting a card from His Aunt Lil,

So Jack impatiently waited by the windowsill.

The pigeon postman flew by in the sky,

Narrowly missing Farmer Giles’ pig sty,

He had in the sack on his back, parcels for Jack,

So made a soft landing in Farmer Gile’s haystack.

As he scared the chickens, Farmer Giles gave chase,

So the pigeon quickly climbed up the ladder, looking for the right place.

Accidentally delivering the card to the hole made by the mole,

The pigeon wished he’d brought his spectacles to look for the pigeonhole.

He stopped off at the beanstalk treee house,

But the birthday card wouldn’t fit in the hole for the mouse,

Still, he couldn’t find Jack and the right pigeonhole,

He tried posting the letter in the rabbit warren, but it was like a missing goal.

The bird’s nest had no letterbox,

So at the spider’s web, the pigeon gave one of his postman knocks …

What happened next ?

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