Friar Tuck’s Cart


Friar Tuck helped Maid Marion to do the shopping for the merrymen,

One of the few times they escaped from the hide away in the glen !

Along the stoney footpath through Sherwood Forest was a bumpy ride,

The path was winding and not at all that wide.

Halfway along on the trip, Friar Tuck’s horse started to slip.

Off fell a barrel of cider from the back,

Which rolled and stopped in a haystack by the track !

Although Friar Tuck was a chivalrous chap,

He didn’t want any market mishap !

Fearing it was a Sheriff of Nottingham trap,

He and Maid Marion hid in a flap.

When he was sure that the coast was clear,

They peeped outside and put the cart into gear …

But with a wobbly wheel, it was difficult to steer,

And soon they were covered in cidery beer !

They arrived at Nottingham market in real outlaw style …

Friar Tuck was so drunk, it made everyone smile !

With all his singing out loud, the bread stall drew an enormous crowd !

Soon, all the loaves that Maid Marion had homemade and brought

from the glade,

Sold like hot cakes … a red hot trade !

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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