Maid Marion’s Maths Quiz


Maid Marion was stuck too. Someone had stolen the bread she was baking and she didn’t know what to do !

It was all very well robbing the rich to feed the poor,

But she really didn’t have that much extra flour !

1. If Maid Marion needed three loaves for each of the one hundred merrymen – how many loaves did she need ?

2. Each loaf contained 50 grams of flour – how much is that in total ?

3. Each loaf contained one egg and each egg cost two gold coins – how much did the eggs cost to make the bread ?

4. Each loaf weighed 0.75 kg – how much did all the loaves weigh in grams and kilograms ?

5. Each loaf took 20 minutes to bake. How long is that in total ?

6. Maid Marion made 10 % extra loaves to sell at market – how many is that ?

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