The Coded Z Message to Jim Doughnut and Double Agent Cream To HQ


The pair of secret agents thought it best to let HQ know of their plans … Here, the code is : 5 = A, 6 = E, 7 = R and 8 = S.

1. We will b6 b5ck 5t Midnight on W6dn68d5y.2. If th6 flight d6p57ts l5t6, pl5n B will b6 put into 5ction.

3.I 5m 5w576 th5t th6 5i7lin6 pilot wo7k8 fo7 MI5.

4. Pl6586 book 5 t5xi to h65dqu57t678.

5. Hop6fully, w6 will h5v6 th6 8tol6n p5inting with u8.

1. W__ will b__ b__ck __t Midnight on W__dn__ __d__y.2. If th__ flight d__p__ __t__ l__t__, pl__n B will b__ put into __ction.

3. I __m __w__r__ th__t th__ __i__lin__ pilot wo__k__ fo__ MI5.

4. Pl__ __ __ __ book __ t__xi to h__ __ dqu__ __ t__r__.

5. Hop__fully, w__ will h__v__ th__ __tol__n p__inting with u__.

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