The Munching Crunching Cushion


The munching crunching cushion chomped all day and night … it chomped the curtains and chomped the lights. The munching crunching cushion must have had fangs, because it chomped telephone until it no longer rang. One day, the munching crunching cushion was so hungry that it started with the mat for the first course, and for dessert ended up eating the cat. The munching crunching cushion gobbled up the knives, forks and spoons on the table … it was still munching breakfast until way after Noon, as much as a cushion was able. Its belly rumbled for more apple crumble. The munching cushion ate sponge and custard for dessert until his belly hurt. It really was no match for a munching cushion with a huge appetite – when it saw the strawberry gateau, it chomped an enormous bite. It ate so much for breakfast, dinner and tea, that it’s buttons popped off because it’s zip was too tight. By the time that three o’ clock came, the munching cushion had eaten the kitchen sink … it had even eaten the dirty dishes as well as the taps … because the sink wasn’t very tasty, and needed a drink, I think. Soon, the munching cushion had gobbled up the washing machine, now there was nothing to keep the clothes clean. Then the munching cushion ate the fridge and the food on the shelves, too – it even ate up a whole plate of yesterday’s potato stew. The munching crunching cushion stomped and stomped through the house – in the kitchen it chomped and chomped. After a while, there was a hole in the rug … and no handles left on any of the mugs. In the garden, the munching cushion was worse than any of the slugs … after eating a whole cabbage, it munched through three cauliflowers, a pound of carrots and then three dozen bugs. Before long, four apples were missing from the orchard and all the leaves were gone … but the munching cushion didn’t stop there … it continued chomping until it had eaten each one. And even when dinner was done, it gobbled up the table until it was all gone. © Jacqueline Richards 2007

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