How Great It Would Be To Be A Honey Bee


One day, Farmer Giles and Jack were out mowing the grass in the fields by the beanstalk, when they came across a very friendly wasp, buzzing around, as wasps, do, singing this song, with an out of tune note or two.

“How great it would be, to be a honey bee,

Flying around the universe, into infinity.

Maybe, I’d be confused with a butterfly or a flea,

But being a bee, would be great,

I could land on haystacks and Farmer Giles’ gate !”

As Farmer Giles stopped the tractor for a while, the wasp gave him a cunning smile. Mmm … he hadn’t eaten breakfast and headed straight for the jam sandwich in his picnic box somewhat fast. Quickly, the wasp was munching away, an entire crust had disappeared by the end of the day. When Farmer Giles looked around, there was only a trail of crumbs on the ground, he found !


Zing The Buzzing Sting In The Tail

Pick all the verbs as you can see from this poem, then add “ing” to make them into continuous present tense words. Example – do = doing.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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