Jitterbug Litterbug


As the beanstalk music blarted, the jitterbug that the litterbug started had the whole beanstalk animals jittering. Soon, even Farmer Giles was himself tittering. By noon, he’d picked up, three crisps packets and four paper cups. By tea – time, the whole field was tidy and neat, as the jitterbugging litterbug, dodged in between the cattle’s feet. If Farmer Giles dropped any paper scraps, the jitterbugging litterbug, never got in any flaps. He picked them up and put them in the bin, so al around the beanstalk was as bright and shiny as a new pin.

Jitterbugging Litterbug Spelling Game
Today’s spelling homework comes from the jitterbugging litterbug that lived underneath Jack’s beanstalk … divide the classroom into pairs …

1. Each team has to list as many items that could be thrown away as possible (one point each).

2. Then in pairs, from your lunchbox, one player reads the words listed on a thrown away wrapper … there’s one point for every word spelt correctly and a prize for the team in class who scores most points.
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