The Ostrich’s Trip To Australia


There was once an ostrich, whose ambition was to be, the very best runner from here to Sydney.

He practised running every day … though all that happened was his feathers flapped in every way.

He really wasn’t that athletic. In fact, he could only lay an egg after huffing and puffing a bit.

He jogged all around the park, but was so out of condition, he was still there after dark !

Although he was cooped up in a zoo, the ostrich, of course, loved to run, like most ostriches do.

On the day of the marathon race, there were spectators waving all over the place !

“Ready, steady, go !”, the zoo – keeper cried. Soon, in the Midday sun, his eggs were scrambled as well as fried !

Off the ostrich set. Stride after stride, with as big breaths as he could get.

As sure as eggs is eggs, very quickly, the ostrich had tired out legs !

He stopped for a break, half way there (though because of his poor map – reading, he couldn’t tell exactly where !).

Thankful, for a restful stop, the ostrich mooched around the local shop.

He bought a boomerang … and quickly dropped it with a “BANG !”.

But, the only trouble with being an ostrich, he found, was that he was always dropping ostrich eggs on the ground.

So, the trip Australia was smashing, with yolks went flying everywhere and egg whites crashing !


Write a mathematical equation to show your working out to the following maths problems.

1. To help the ostrich speed up, somewhat, he counted how many eggs he’d got … 20. If he laid one egg, every 500 m, how far did he travel ? Give your answer in km and m.

2. From his home in South Africa, he travelled at a speed of 50 km per day – how long, therefore did it take, for the ostrich to reach Australia from Cape Horn 3,000 km away ? If the ostrich only travelled Monday to Friday, how many weeks did it take him ?

3. The ostrich bought a pair of trainers (though they didn’t fit his feet). In fact, after running for about an hour, he’s stamped down one – quarter of a field of wheat.

a) How long did it take to stamp down the whole field ?

b) If the area of stamped wheat was 1 km wide and 1 km long, how big in square kms was the whole field ?

4. The ostrich had 200 feathers in total, but he dropped one – tenth. How many were left ?

5. Just one of the ostrich’s strides measured 75 cm – how many ostrich steps were in the 3, 000 km distance ?

6. To make one ostrich omlette took 3 eggs. How many eggs were needed to make 10 omlettes ?



Bills To Pay

Write ten different sentences that include a different use of the word “bill” e.g. razorbill.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answers :
1. 20 x 500 = 10 , 000 m = 10 km
2. a) 3000 / 50 = 60 days b) 60 / 5 = 12 days

3. a) 4 hours ; b) 4 x 4 = 16 square km

4. 200 – (200 / 10 = 20) = 180

5. Total number of cm / one ostrich step cm =

distance x no. of m. per km x no. of cm per m / one ostrich step (cm) =

(3000 x 1000 x 100) / 75 = 3 , 000 , 000 / 75 = 40 , 000

6. 10 x 3 = 30



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