Mr. Armstrong, The Strongest Ever Strongman


Mr. Armstrong, was the strongest ever strongman … who could bend a van just like a metal can. Mr. Armstrong, the strongest ever strongman, strongly agreed with most things … he was so headstrong that he even sang a strong song. There were even muscles in his weak spots, before very long !
At Arms Length

In this maths exercise, the teachers draws around his arm on the whiteboard, then instructs pupils on where the sleeve stretches to (eg. the elbow, half – way – what fraction is that ?), where should Mr. Armstrong’s wristwatch be placed.

Arm Wrestling

In this Mr. Armstrong, the strongest ever strongman maths exercise, the class is allocated into pairs. One player bends their arm, the other says what kind of angle the bent arm makes and how many degrees are at the elbow.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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