Farmer Giles’ Compost Heap Competition


Farmer Giles had the stompiest feet,

He even dug compost with a stomping beat,

In the first competition heat,

He squashed three cabbages small and neat,

Needless to say, none of the carrots were now fit to eat !

And when he sat down, he used a turnip as a seat !

 So, now, his turnip picnic, is more like crackers for a treat !

Divide the class into teams, each with a different vegetable team name, say, “the turnips”. Then, team by team, each team devises a vegetable maths question – if the opposing team can answer it, they get a point, otherwise it’s a point for the designing team.


Farmer Giles’ Compost & Co

How many words, like compost and competition, can you think of that begin in the two letters “c” + “o” ?


The strawberries and the blackberries were having a race – they wanted to see who could build the biggest compost heap into outer space. Divide the class into two teams – each team member adds one vegetable on top of the pile – but none can be bigger than 10 cm wide – then adds onto the cumulative sum. The winning team is the one which reaches the top of the whiteboard first and fastest (as well as adding up the size of all the vegetables correctly).

© Jacqueline Richards 2008
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