P.J. the D.J.’s Midnight Pyjama Feast


Pudding Jingo, the disco dancing dingo, worked as a D.J. gringo. PJ the DJ, always arrived home after Midnight … so it was always late when he got to take a bite.So, instead of having a buffet lunch, P.J. the D.J. only in the dark did crunch. But P.J’s treats were always a feast – In fact, sometimes, he even had Turkish delights flown in from the East. There was such a large mountain of marshmallows, he could ski down the piste ! As soon as his mammoth appetite was released – luckily, not too sugary, and a little bit greased (because P.J. almost got stuck as he got stuck in) ! Very soon, he almost landed in the bin ! He rushed so fast to be in the queue first, it wasn’t long before P.J.’s pyjamas almost burst ! But oh crumbs ! P.J. was all fingers and thumbs ! As a D.J., he was rather more used to putting a record on, that as he quickly munched, away disappeared three sandwiches, a bun and a scone ! The next time he looked, P.J.’s slippers were also gone ! By Midnight, P.J. was always so hungry that he had soon eaten the whole lot (including the pot !) … it didn’t much matter, how many calories it’d got ! As another slice of pizza, P.J. was handed … P.J.’s pyjamas rapidly expanded ! The seams in his trousers looked as though they’d pop open and burst, but it didn’t stop P.J. who drank a gallon of fizzy lemonade, with incredible thirst ! He didn’t stop … so hardly surprising that his zip went POP ! Even less surprising was when his socks started to drop ! Before the split in his pants got much worse … P.J. tucked into a second course ! Being a D.J., for P.J. was the best job in the world, ‘cos he gotta pocketful of cream, as flying saucers swirled ! Boppingly, P.J. lived life on and at the hop … with so many self – raising tea parties, and none of them were a flop ! Soon, P.J. was top of the charts … In fact, he even once got a gold disc as a prize for one of his mince tarts ! When he finally decided to go to bed, he was still rather unfed … so an entire quilt and a pillow he did swallow.

 A Heart To Heart All About Tarts For Tea
Circle the letter “T” inside the story above.


Gems Of Wit and Pearls Of Wisdom
 “Wit” or “wis” – which is the correct one to use ?


__ __ __ hout
__ __ __ hered
__ __ __ e
__ __ __ ch
t__ __ __ ter
s__ __ __ ch

be__ __ __ ched

t__ __ __ t

s__ __ __ h

__ __ __ h

__ __ __ hin

Je__ __ __ h

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answers :










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