Method In Your Madness – Maths Methodology Madness !

Mad about maths ? Maths is often a matter of methodology – understanding reasons and applying logical rules consistently to understand equations and make sense of the universe in which we live. The world all around us is full of these kinds of methods. Understanding maths methodology will help you learn a problem – solving technique which you can then apply, in whatever field of work you may go on professionally to either study or work. Like rules and regulations, laws and legislations – maths brings order to mayhem ! Maths methods help overcome confusion, quantify and construct to build sky scrapers that won’t fall down !
There are two types of maths methodology … basically, arithmetic – is the sums, geometry the shapes and forms.

Answer the following questions :

1. WHAT is a maths method ? Give a brief definition …

2. WHO might use maths methods ?

3. WHEN might these methods and rules be applied ? WHEN might they be useful ?

4. HOW might maths methods be used ?

5. WHICH unfathomable Maths problems are around us the universe which maths methodology may help explain ?

6. WHY are maths methods needed ? Give as many examples of their application that you can think of.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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