The Christmas That Santa Spent Stuck In The Lift At The Supermarket


Nothing much happened the year that Santa got stuck in the lift at the supermarket. He had only gone shopping, for the usual kinds if things that people do, except (because he was Saint Nicholas), when he fell, off the rootop he flew ! In his supermarket trolley, Santa piled high three jigsaws, a toy house and a dolly … But when he slipped, Santa’s trousers wripped … and all of a sudden Christmas flipped ! He had only gone out to purchase a new gift, but the bicycle he picked for Rudolph was so big, Santa got stuck in the supermarket lift ! He’d eaten for lunch an extra mince pie, so no wonder the sleigh didn’t fly in the sky ! Christmas turned out to be a bit of a flop … as between the second and third floor, the lift ground to a stop in the shop. Hardly surprising that Christmas was rather late that year, and the floorboards wobbled as the lift (which held Santa) came near. On the fourth floor, as Santa sang his favourite Christmas song, the escalator chimed – ding dong ! ding dong ! By now, Santa was getting in a bit of a flurry – he hoped that the lift wouldn’t be stuck on “HALT” forever, but stuck on the sixth floor, he was in no hurry. On the seventh floor, Santa called “Help ! Come get me out !” (needless to say, no – one heard his shout). They were all too busy wrapping presents, no doubt. “What could he do ?!”, Santa wondered, not sure if it was eleven or two ! Would he miss his Christmas lunch ? So Santa gave the door on the escalator a punch. He jumped up and down, shaking the door and giving the lock a nudge, but still not one inch did it budge ! The Christmas that Santa spent stuck in the lift at the supermarket seemed to be lasting forever … Santa tried to figure out how to be free from the lift and get out – just like Houdidi – but he wasn’t that clever. Santa still had hundreds of presents to deliver, but he feared he wouldn’t make it in time – that Christmas wouldn’t have to be delayed this year (and none of the elves would have the time !). But as luck would have it, the supermarket rattled in the wind a bit … Then finally, after a lot of rattling and shoving … slowly, inch by inch, the lift started moving … and rose to the seventh floor on a winch. The lift engine screeched and the cogs creaked. Something wet dropped on Santa’s beard – it was a drop of oil which had leaked. “Hooray !”, the lift at last began to work alright – but the saddest thing was, though his name was written on the supermarket rooftop in lights, Santa had developed a fear of heights. How was he now to deliver all the presents over the world on Christmas night ? Mmmmm Santa pondered the problem somewhat – then looked in his shopping to see what he’d got. A pair of goggles and an aeroplane with acrobatic wings – now for sure, a swinging Christmas was just one of those things. As soon as from the lift, Santa had become unstuck – from the supermarket roof, with fairy lights, Santa was starstruck !

Lift Ya’ Spirits

If you were stuck in a supermarket lift for an afternoon, what would be handy to have and why ? Write a page about what happens when you’re all alone, two thousand feet above the ground.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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