The Christmas That Santa Spent In Hospital


Santa didn’t mean to spend Christmas in hospital. In fact, there were a hundred and one other places that he would rather be – but Santa slipped as he was preparing his Christmas tea. “Watch out !”, Gerome the gnome gave a shout … but too late, Santa slipped (well, he had had one glass too much stout !). Out fell a present from Santa’s sack – when Santa went to pick it up, suddenly he heard a loud “CRACK !”. “Ouch !”, Santa cried in pain, bouncing back on the couch again. Santa’s leg was broken in two – he’d have to spend Christmas in bed and would probably need a crutch or two. There were presents to make, mince pies to bake – but oops ! Santa hadn’t expected a fracture on the entire Christmas break. Calling 999 had been quite a shock – so off it was to see the Doc ! All in all, Santa’s Christmas this year was like a roll over jackpot – with Santa rolling over rather a lot. Luckily, Santa didn’t need an ambulance – as he trotted off to the hospital, in a right, merry dance ! His sleigh was set and ready to go – parked outside, in three inches of snow. Being supersonic, it didn’t take long to get there (actually, his sleigh could fly anywhere !). Santa’s temperature was rising higher and higher, he jumped into his sleigh and sped off – a real live – wire, Christmas high flyer !
In the hospital, Santa was checked over, in accident and emergency – because to get back to his baking mince pies was a matter of urgency ! The nurse said that Santa would need a plaster of Paris fast – quite a contrast to Santa’s usual Christmas, since he was usually trying to get to Paris faster ! Naturally, Santa was worried somewhat, he was rapidly going red in the face, yet the weather wasn’t at all that hot ! Santa had hoped to be eating Christmas turkey for tea, not spending the holidays recuperating on Ward three. Of course, Santa had no hope of quickly getting better and going home – he’d have to leave the mince pies in the safe hands of Gerome the gnome. Perhaps a magic wish by a Christmas fairy was what was needed – or to write Santa a letter ! As the “Get well soon” cards started to arrive, Santa soon managed to feel much more alive – instead of a wheelchair, he took his sleigh for a drive ! The twenty – fifth was quickly drawing near – but Santa’s physiotherapy Christmas was still in second gear. The odd pill or two did work a bit – but it still hurt Santa to stand up and sit.
When Mrs. Christmas came to visit, Santa pointed out where the problem was … back in Christmasland, his absence was causing considerable tiswas ! “Where does it hurt !, she asked … “Here, here and here”, replied Santa, putting his finger on the point of the pain. “Does it hurt everywhere ?”, inquired his wife … “No” … “so, it must be a broken finger !” (oh ! well, that’s life !).


Santa’s Christmas Hospital Bag

Write a list of things Santa might need in hospital.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008 

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