Ready, Steady, Go ! Teddy, Freddie, Blow ! Maths Bubbles Game

This maths game is simple and fun,

It is best played outside in the Sun.

It does take some washing – up liquid,

Making bubbles in a race that can be won.

Maybe maths may be too difficult to mention,

But not if seen, through a bubbly dimension.

If it seems like you’ve had enough maths kinda stuff,

Take a deep breath and give a big “PUFF !”.

There’s a little bit of velocity in every “HUFF !”.

See how many bubbles you can make disappear,

Some sums of subtraction … and all becomes clear !

When it seems like maths can’t get much worse,

Think of bubbles in the Cosmos, spinning around a maths universe !

As easy as learning your A – B – C,

Bubbles multiply, 1 – 2- 3 (which makes maths theory easier to see !).

In every bubble is a magic physics trick,

When the bubble “POPS !”, the answer suddenly “CLICK !”.

All of your problems with algebra maths,

Will be solved with a million and one bubbles in hot, soapy baths.

… Teddy Freddie can help, too, to blow … ready steady go, watch the bubbles rise high and low …

* Teacher’s note – this maths poem can be used as an introduction to all different kinds of arithmetic and geometric concepts such as : ratio (washing – up liquid concentration) ; spheres and arcs ; volume and size ; angles and distance travelled ; velocity ; height and weight (or weightlessness) ; surface area, areas and distance (covered by a bubble) ; subtraction (if a number of bubbles burst) ; multiplication (with each blow) ; decimals, fractions and percentages (as a number burst).

* Teacher’s note – this exercise can also be used as a good English writing prompt – describing the bubble’s journey.


Jacqueline Richards 2008

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