The Know It All Who Didn’t Know Anything At All


There was once a spider in the hall, who thought that he completely knew it all, but actually when it came to it, he knew nothing at all. He didn’t know how to climb without a fall … or how to stop getting stuck in cobwebs, which helped stop him fall. He didn’t know how to reach the top of a wall … or how to get through the letterbox, when the postman came to call. He couldn’t recall, very much at all … he was such a scatter – brained spider, that things slipped from his memory and started to fall. So around the hall, it came about, that everything the spider did fell out and no spiders were left at all. Soon, there was all kinds of tea flying about, whenever the spider fell down the spout. He didn’t really know how to get them tidy, again, at all, so he used a squirrel’s brush, to get them spidery insidey by Friday … that’s all ! 

How To Be Ten Feet Tall, The Know It All Spider’s Way

1. The spider was only 20 % of the size of a brick – if the brick was 20 cm high, how tall was the spider ?
2. The spider span a string of web, that fell three – quarters down the wall, which was 12 m high – how much further did the spider have to climb ?
3. If it took the spider 5 minutes to climb one brick, how many bricks high was the wall, which measured 20 bricks high ?
4. If the spider abseiled 25% of the wall’s height – how far is that across a wall that measured 10 m wide ?
5. If the spider got stuck in the spidery letterbox for 20 minutes – one third of his lunch break, how long did his lunch break last ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answers :
1. 4 cm
2. 8 m
3. 20 x 5 = 120 mins.
4. 2.5 m

5. 20 x 3 = 60 mins. 
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