The Just ‘Cos Mo Cosmos Game


 Just ‘cos Mo had a go,

He won a bobsleigh for the snow,

In outer space, there’s not much snow, I know,

So hardly surprising that the bobsleigh didn’t do what it was meant to do !

Thank heavens, for Mo, having a go,

Now, out in the Cosmos,

The planets can glow and Mo can Go – Go – Go !!!



This spelling game is a bit like eye – spy combined with “What Time Is It Mister Wolf ?”, when, if you don’t give the chant “Mr Wolf”, then you can’t move further up towards Mister Wolf. The purpose of the game is to expand vocabulary, aid spelling and develop understanding of sentence structure : how words can be applied. There are two parts of the game, and two points for each word spelling round.

1. Divide the class into 2 teams.

2. A number of word cards are written and given to the teacher.

3. The compere calls out – “How do I spell …..”

4. Each team takes it in turn to try and earn a point for their team.

5. Next, the compere calls “Why do I need to know that ? Is it just ‘cos Mo out in the outer cosmos say so ?”

6.  If a team player can give a reason, application or example using that word, then a second point is awarded.

7. Example – Part 1) Spell “book” … (1 point) then cry the chant …

“Why do I need to know ? Is it just ‘cos Mo out in the outer cosmos say so ?”

Part 2) No … it’s ‘cos in the cosmo … Astro Sputnik doesn’t know which way to go without a book.  




© Jacqueline Richards 2008





















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