Captain Marvellous’s Marvellous Maths Quiz


On the way to Mars, Captain Marvellous marvelled at stars. The most marvellous star that he found, was floating through the Milky Way, a million miles above the ground. The panorama was enough to make even a mortal Captain Marvel astound and make supersonic airways boom in the sound. The sight was supersonically marvellous, so the people say, as Captain Marvellous marvelled on his way. Wow ! Hey Presto !”, suddenly there was a puff of smoke and a flash of light … In which the answers to every quiz question materialised so bright. Even on Mercury, the rest of the Astro crew were also amazed … a captive audience, at Captain Marvellous’s marvellous abilities they gazed. strongman1.jpg

M Is For Captain Marvellous’s Marvellous Mmmmm Maths Game

Use a packet of M and M’s as counters and prizes – which each contestant can use
as an abacus or wins when they get a question right.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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