Santa And The Lopsided Christmas Tree

One Christmas, when Santa was checking that all the tin soldiers made by the gnomes as toys for the girls and boys, were all straight, neat and stood in a tidy line, quite right, Santa noticed that the Christmas tree wasn’t quite upright. Compared to the picture frame, on the wall, the tree was at an angle and looked as if it was going to fall. Just one puff of wind, would have been enough, to topple the Christmas tree over and the cover the grotto with decorations and stuff. Santa checked again, yes, it was fast sloping five degrees further towards the windowpane ! Santa counted all the baubles, making sure they were all even – yes, sure enough, on both sides, there were eleven. But still, since there were many more branches on one side, there remained a considerably greater chance, that the Christmas tree might slide. Santa pulled and pushed it a bit … Ooops ! Now, three fairy lights were no longer lit. Santa went again to move the Christmas tree a bit – off fell the Christmas fairy off the top branch from where she used to sit. Although Santa polished it somewhat, he still wasn’t sure if the Christmas tree would soon collapse or not ! The bend in the middle made Santa madder and madder … so he quickly rushed to the garden shed in the snow, to fetch the step ladder ! It didn’t work that well, off some more of the pine needles fell and the Christmas tree leaned a further five degrees as well ! Perhaps a length of string would do the trick ? Santa cut a length with the scissors and pulled with all his strength, but still the lopsided Christmas tree faltered and off fell a stick ! Gerome the Gnome (who was rather used to fixing their grotto home) brought a hammer, saw and some nails, but the Christmas tree still wobbled (well, it had been bought in the sales). A bit of sellotape and some glue, but that didn’t repair Santa’s lopsided Christmas tree (turning it around, didn’t work, too !). Mrs. Christmas suggested perhaps it would be better if they ditched it. Instead, she brought a needle and thread and stitched it ! After adding a patch here and there, despite the tottering everywhere, soon, the job was done. Now, the Christmas tree looked fantastic, especially with all the lights turned on. Although it weighed a ton, it was still second to none … soon the days of the lopsided Christmas tree were gone ! All Christmas day, the Santaland crew discussed the matter and finally decided it had been the latter. What had made the Christmas tree wobble ? Had Santa perhaps knocked it with his red hat bobble ? Had it ben the wind that had blown it ? or a naughty imp who’d outgrown it ? maybe it had been a ball and the Snowman had thrown it ? even one of the presents, which Santa jumped up and down about, when shown it ! Finally, they all agreed, the culprit had been the Christmas fairy, with her watering can, full of Christmas sherry and weed feed. She’d tried to make the Christmas tree grow … though it had headed off growing in the wrong direction, indeed !

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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