The Christmas That Santa Got A Ticket To The Zoo

The Christmas that Santa got a ticket to the zoo as a Christmas present, flew (with parakeets and parrots, too !). He could have anything, a scarf, new pair of socks of box of chocs would have done but, he found, that despite all the scary creatures, a visit to the zoo was much more fun ! At first, Santa thought it was a Christmas card when he saw the gift in his stocking was bendy and thin. In fact, confusing it with an empty envelope, he almost put his present along with the scraps into the bin ! So you can believe Santa’s amazement, when, unwrapping the silver paper, untying the bow on the side, he saw a ticket to the zoo inside with a free go on the jumbo – slide ! “Wow ! That’s great !”, exclaimed Santa, looking forward to the right date. Santa could hardly wait for the New Year to begin, he was queueing from 30th December to make sure that the zoo – keeper would let him in !

Santa spent the first hour, in the park, hanging around with the chimpanzees, until it got dark. So far so good … the safari continued to a picnic in the wood. Santa had a pair of binoculars, that helped him to see, exactly what animals were trying to eat his tasty tea ! He sat down on a table, underneath a pylon, then jumped up with a start, when he heard the hiss of a python. Fortunately, the snake crawled away towards the lake – Santa wondered was it real or fake ? Santa had brought sandwiches, biscuits and some lemonade, then headed off in the direction of the cheetahs, to see what trouble they made. As he started to munch, Santa heard a crunch .. the turtles and tortoises had joined them for lunch !

He took a journey on the zoo buses and viewed the octopuses.Santa admired the sea – lions, being paraded by the pool. He particularly liked the way that the dolphins flipped – which he thought was really cool ! Luckily, the zoo – keeper had handed Santa a map – so he didn’t get lost. As he followed the trail, he saw a whale, and treaded footprints around the zoo, along the path in the frost. Naturally, because he lived in Christmasland, a North Pole habitat, Santa preferred a preferred the animals from icy climates rather than the primates. But he was interested in seeing a very ferocious jungle pole cat ! Then suddenly, Santa heard a screech : it was a shark on the beach. To save them from danger, Santa made a Christmas wish … then in a SPLASH, as quick as a flash, it turned into a fish.

There were lions and tigers, pandas and giraffes – the trip that Santa got a ticket to the zoo as a present, turned out to be a bundle of laughs ! Santa had not had this much fun in ages, especially when the zebra licked his ice – cream from inside one of the cages ! The butterfly display really took Santa’s breath away – their wings were pretty extra – ordinairy (Santa would have to remember to show the photographs to the Christmas fairy).

Whilst away from home, what Santa wanted most, was a “Wish You Were Here ?” keepsake that he could post to Gerome the Gnome, to say they were having a great time on the coast. He bought a souvenir of the zoo as they shopped : a plop that a prehistoric dinosaur elephant had accidentally dropped ! Might not seem much to help remember, a once in a lifetime trip to the zoo, until the following December. So Santa put the fossil into a museum, much admired by Frosty the Snowman and the elves, when they came to see him. In fact, the journey to the zoo had been such a memorable trip, Santa brought back a number of the animals, which all around Santaland did skip. The tigers helped Rudolph pull his sleigh and the zebra was in the pantomine (a donkey in the nativity play).



Zoom In A Christmas Zoo

Why would Santa need zoo animals in Santaland ? What other Christmas preparations would each of the zoo animals perhaps be good at doing ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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