The Christmas That Santa Spent In A Lighthouse


Santa didn’t mean to spend Christmas in a lighthouse, when he asked for a whiskey on the rocks ! In fact, the Christmas that Santa spent in a lighthouse, he ended up on the docks. As the Christmas stars flashed in the sky, Santa on his sleigh hastily dashed by. He really liked clear nights like these – he could see every fairy on each of the Christmas trees. The constellations showed him the way, how to get from the North to South Pole (and make it back by Christmas Day). But when the clouds obscured the stars in the Cosmos from view, Santa didn’t know what to do. In the ice, snow and mist, Santa couldn’t read the labels on the gifts, or even see his Christmas list ! Without so much as a spark, Santa spent all Christmas in the dark and he couldn’t find his way through the park. Instead of angels to gloriously “Hark !”, the Christmas that Santa spent in a lighthouse, he met a very hungry shark !

As soon as Santa launched off in flight, he was soon flying high as a kite, turning left, then right. On the journey, Rudolph’s nose shone so bright, Santa hardly needed a light. Going over land was easy, everywhere was well lit and breezy. But, as soon as Santa flew over the Sea, he got lost, unfortunately. When Santa passed along the quay, he realised he’d forgotten the grotto key. As he set to go back, he lost his way on the track. Then, in the dark, Santa dropped his sack. As well as baubles here and there, toys spewed out everywhere. A train set was on the beach, a doll’s house was on the cliffs, out of reach. A teddy bear fell into the rock pool and into the tide, fell a textbook for school. Santa immeadiately pulled the sleigh to a halt, blaming Rudolph, who denied the crash was his fault ! Santa couldn’t see at all, so into a hole, he did fall. When he peeped out, on the beach, there was no – one else about. Just above the edge of the hole, he could just about see his sledge, and a dover sole. Santa polished his glasses, to get a clearer look and reached into the pocket of his red suit, for a map book – hoping that it, too, hadn’t got stuck. Eventually, when Santa got back into the sleigh to go, he realised that the wheels had become stuck, completely, in the snow ! No wonder his round – the – globe trip that year, was going rather slow.

To keep Christmas afloat, Santa jumped into a boat – above the white surf, in the distance, you could see his red coat. When a beacon suddenly appeared, Santa’s worries quickly disappeared. Although he tried to be as quiet as a mouse, someone had spotted him inside the lighthouse. The lighthouse – keeper shone the torch, illuminating the presents hidden beneath the porch. “Watch out, Santa !”, the lifeguard cried, as a seagull zoomed towards him wide on the tide. Thanks to the rescuers being his guide, Santa quickly found the lost gifts washed away on a Wintery tide. Although the water was icy cold, using a fishing net, Santa found frankincense, myrrh and gold. Now every time that Santa sees Christmas fairy lights flash, he thinks of that year, when some of the presents ended up in the trash (when Christmas almost was awash) … but thanks to finding hidden treasure, Christmas went with a “SPLASH !” : a double – pleasure – measure, underneath a lighthouse, going “FLASH !.

On Board Ship


How many words can you think of that include the word “ship” ? Example – friendship.

carol-singing.jpgThe Foghorn That Didn’t Hoot


Add the word “hoot” to complete the words.

1. A s __ __ __ __ ing star flew across the Midnight

2. The car’s horn __ __ __ __ ed.

3. The owl __ __ __ __ ed from the branch of a tree.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answers :
1. A shooting star flew across the Midnight

2. The car’s horn hooted.

3. The owl hooted from the branch of a tree.

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