Santa’s Olympic Christmas


During Santa’s Olympic Christmas, there were so many games to play that Santa really should have won something. A gold cup prize was no surprise … given how spectacularly he ate mince pies. Although, at school, Santa had never been very good at anything at all, everyone was impressed by his high jump over the garden wall.
Despite landing with a bump, Santa was better than anyone at the long jump. He put the matter down the fact, that Santa’s sleigh ride often made quite an impact. He practised so hard, all year long, that he grew considerably and his muscles became strong. When he threw a discus, it zoomed across the living room and everyone cheered as it hit the broom !
The Christmas angel lit a candle, which Santa would have carried all the way around the world, but it was too hot to handle ! So instead of an Olympic torch, the fairy hung Christmas lights all over the grotto porch. In Mrs. Christmas’s kitchen, there were so many mince pies being baked, that Santa was soon quite worn out and on the couch he flaked. Christmas had never been as busy as this – with a first competition prize, of a mistletoe kiss from the Christmas fairy, everyone made sure their athletics were extra – ordinairy. Even Santa (who usually was rather more portly than sporty) was found, huffing and puffing, running around ! It was only to deliver presents that he travelled so far outward bound.

Santa really should have awarded all the gnomes a spinning wheel gold medal. They had millions of Christmas stockings to make and it was amazing how fast they could pedal. The elves also had a thousand and one things to do, so it was a good job that they were quick. Just like Santa’s performance in the decathlon, their speed seemed more like a magic trick – fantastic ! It was as loud as an auditorium roar, when they nailed ten nails into each shoe, more than a winning score.

The first race was how to get around the world fastest then get back to base. Soon, Santa, with Rudolph, was zooming all over the place. Rudolph’s red nose shone so much, that it could be seen from outer space ! Just like the original astronauts landing on the Moon, Santa had an Olympic mission – to sing a hundred carols in tune. Heave – ho ! heave – ho ! Frosty the Snowman lifted heavy sacks of toys, all over the grotto. Santa used his booty bag, rather than an Olympic flag. He waved so much that he almost dropped all the toys he’d made, as such, but he kept the teddy bear as a lucky mascot, in his clutch.

Being supersonic, Santa could jog a half a mile in less than a minute. He wanted to enter the Santaland Christmas marathon, but he doubted he would win it ! All of the grotto family lined up and when the pistol fired, hastily shot off. By the time that he’d reached Mo the eskimo’s igloo, Santa’s red and white hat had dropped off. Although he never wanted Christmas to end, Santa rushed in second place around the bend, followed by the robin red breast, his friend. Back in the grotto, Mrs. Christmas was seeing how many cards she could send. The washing line was a finishing line – they all celebrated his championship win with a glass of sherry wine ! The award ceremony was held by the fireplace – all Santa’s grotto friends were given a certificate for each race.

Of course, the greatest race of them all, was for presents when Santa came to call. In the 5 million metre dash, Santa won second prize, though once or twice, his sleigh did crash. No wonder Christmas was over as quick as a flash !

Christmas Musical ABC’s

The fastest Christmas spelling game ever ! A bit like “i spy”, this English game needs at least two people. The first commentator calls out the letters in sequence of a word, on different subjects (some ideas for themes are given below) to a tune. When the music stops, the player must guess the next letter. Alternatively, the letters of a word are place next to each other in a “chair – chain – letter” when one is removed, the players have to guess which letter needs replacing to complete the spelling.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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