Santa’s Christmas Helicopter Rescue Ride


Not many people know that, most Christmases, Santa didn’t only travel by sleigh. In fact, he hopped on a bus, sometimes, when yearly he had to get away. Usually, Santa used a boat and a plane, then even once skid and ski – ed down the lane. He didn’t need a tourist guide – it was easy to remember the same path on the 25th of December – then globally just slip and slide. His journey was planned well in advance … take – off from the grotto roof, then a ferry to France. Once, Santa even bought a Metrolink ticket (just so he could catch a glimpse of the cricket). However, the Christmas that Santa took a helicopter ride, he arrived late. He didn’t mean to but his sleigh wasn’t working that great and travelling by polar bear was transport he did hate. Somewhere in the middle of the Antarctic and South Pole, Santa’s toboggan slipped down a very big, icy hole. Despite this, Santa’s Christmas holidays still had rock ‘n’ roll – a cod, three kippers and a very tasty lemon sole ! Whilst Mo the Eskimo’s igloo started to crumble, Santa wobbled on the lake, (scared that he would tumble !). There was a really interesting panoramic view – of puffins, penguins and even a whale, too ! Santa brought the binoculars that he’d been given as a Christmas gift – carefully watching all the wildlife, floatng along on the icy snowdrift (he only hoped that the mist would lift !). Before long, the dinghy he was using to cross the oceans of the world started to deflate. Worried that the presents he was carrying would soon get wet, Santa shoved them quickly into a fishing net. One or two are still drifting on a tropical tide towards South Africa, I bet.
Inevitably, some would say, perhaps, Santa slipped as he tripped – one of his usual mishaps as he rushed around before Christmas Day !

Since last year, Santa had put on a few pounds (probably because of one too many mince pies). So breaking the ice on the skating lake, was hardly a surprise !

He should have stopped, but the temperature dropped … perhaps to bring a swimming costume would have been wise ! Slowly, at first, the ice cracked and icicles started to splinter – this wasn’t a problem that Santa had last Winter. Before he knew it, Santa was caught up in a real Christmas muddle – somewhere between an over – flowing river and real icy puddle. “SPLASH !”, the water was rather cold. Santa did try to pull himself out, but couldn’t easily grab hold. Meanwhile, as the ice around the snowcaps started to melt, luckily a very friendly walrus threw Santa a lifebelt. “Don’t give up all hope !”, cried the elves with a yelp. As they hastily tied a long rope, trying to help, but not wanting to slip in themselves. “Help ! Quick ! Someone come and pull me out !”, Santa began to loudly shout. He was a good swimmer, so he knew to take a deep breath, not scream, but instead kick about, and head upstream. Santa released a flare – which sparkled, like fireworks everywhere. Seeing the signal, S – O – S, in the clouds above, the Christmas fairies came urgently to help out, with their love. They flapped their wings and hovered on high – wonderously singing like angels in the sky.

The rescuers hauled Santa up on a winch and gave him a pinch. “Thank heavens for these superheroes”, Santa sighed, though he was still worried about the thousands of presents to deliver worldwide. “Worry not !”, the Captain of the crew reassured Santa, handing the reindeer a carrot. “Thanks a lot”, Santa muttered, with the last bit of energy he’d got … sipping a whiskey that really hit the right spot. The pilots toured around the globe, to every continent, dropping off parcels, one by one, till all were gone. There were teddy bears and slippers in pairs. Dolls’ houses and new blouses. Tennis racquets and chocolate packets as well as a bottle of scent.

Mrs. Christmas was pleased as punch to see the Christmas crew safely land and invited everyone to lunch. Reading about the brave deeds in the newspaper, the Council threw a party – it was one hearty caper ! The Chief Lieutenant was awarded a medal with a round of applause for the heroic way his team had saved Santa Claus. The Christmas that Santa took a helicopter ride flew by more than most (somewhere in the sky above an island, between Santaland and the Icelandic coast !).


© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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