Santa’s Garage Sale


In Santaland, the elves who lived next – door to Santa always looked forward to the grotto garage sale. Even if there was a football match being played, the crowds never seemed to fail. Come rain, shine or hail, whatever the weather, even it was outside blowing a gale, people would queues for miles, to make sure they had an entrance ticket.
One gnome wanted a new hammer for his home, another wanted a bat to play cricket and another wanted a new comb. Each year, whenever January came around, so did a thousand and one gnomes, to see what bargains could be found. They all were there, sometimes even at seven in the morning, waiting for Santa to arrive. Soon, the whole garden quickly came alive ! Compared to the garage sale at Mo the Eskimo’s gate, there were lots of great homemade toys – so they didn’t want to be late !
Whatever was left over from Christmas, quickly would be sold at half – price : a game with one less piece of chess or spare pair of socks that wouldn’t fit in the stockings (that Santa had worn, so didn’t smell that nice !). Mrs Christmas also went, to look for a new cake slice. There was a car that wouldn’t go and rather a lot of jigsaws (not much use in the snow !). A book with one of the pages missing and a branch of mistletoe (with no more berries for kissing !). An old sleigh, with hardly any paint, and a doll’s house with no chimney pot (which wasn’t that quaint). There was even a bicycle with one less spoke (and the wheel was a little bit broke).
Santa’s garage sale was the best in all of Santaland – if the Christmas fairy wanted some cheap baubles for next year’s Christmas tree, it was just like waving a magic wand. She also wanted some new clips for her hair, which she asked Santa for, (but without his spectacles, he couldn’t see where !). Frosty the Snowman wanted a new coat and some shoes – but he could only find a size nine and a size ten Wellington, in the whole of the car boot ! Gerome the Gnome also wanted a horn, for the sleigh, when the bell didn’t ring – at Santa’s garage sale, there was absolutely everything ! Whatever Santa had thrown away, the gnomes soon picked up on the Garage Sale Day ! If the gnomes needed a pair of gloves, or a bobble hat, because they were feeling the cold, they could quickly find whatever they were looking for (though they were second – hand and a bit old).
Even with holes, they were quickly sold. There were flags and bags, shirts and skirts, spoons and musical tunes, pots and baby cots … even a brand new spade … as well as some of the mince pies that Mrs. Christmas had earlier made. Anything, in fact, that Santa wanted to get rid of, he advertised in the gazette, including a sugar bowl with it’s lid off.
© Jacqueline Richards 2008
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