Santa’s Calculator Christmas



The Christmas that Santa got a new calculator, was the most mathematical holiday ever. With a little bit of numerical Christmas razzmatazz, Santa really became quite clever. As the gift was laid beneath the Christmas tree, the calculator buzzed musically (though the Christmas fairy was a litle suspicious, when it was out of key !). He knew that the box couldn’t have been a flute, because it had a button saying “square root” and when it was unwrapped, it added up each Christmas tree root. Santa was as pleased as punch, it was now far easier to calculate how many mince pies were needed for lunch ! With a little mathematical calculation, Santa could estimate how much sherry should be supplied. Suddenly, all around the grotto, Santa divided and multiplied.The Christmas that Santa received a calculator as a present, Christmas algebraically came and went. He arrived home from his round – the – globe trip for the first time ever on time, since with a little subtraction and the odd fraction, his descent was quicker than his ascent ! The calculator that Santa received as a present, worked out everything – it even worked out how many notes were in the carol song that Santa tried to sing. Although Santa guessed almost right, using his new calculator he could accurately add up all night. Now he knew every chimney’s height. He even could estimate the world’s electricity bill, once he’d switched on every fairy light !

Santa had so much around the world to doo, that he could hardly stop to check percentage as he flew. He complained to Mrs. Christmas ever since September, she suggested that a gnome should build an abacus (where the old one was, no – one could remember !). If Santa wanted to know the sleigh weight, to make sure that he didn’t sink a crate. Santa used his new calculator. No wonder that Rudolph the reindeer was irate ! a million children still had to wait for their presents in Kuwait ! The calculator lights flashed more than the Christmas tree – showing Santa a number two or three. Hardly surprising that the batteries soon ran out, as he was going around, calculating about, all the way around the world and roundabout.

In his stocking, when Santa took another look, there was also a slide rule and maths exercise book. “It all just doesn’t add up”, complained Mrs. Christmas (when she looked again, another mince pie had disappeared … as well as the milk jug, a saucer and a tea cup !). “Hi ho ! Hi ho ! It’s off to work we go ! Hi ho ! Hi ho ! it’s high and low we go !”, sang Santa’s gnomes as they jumped aboard on Santa’s sleigh – shortly as they launched off, stealing all Santa’s presents on the way : the greatest ever Christmas getaway !


Mince “Pi” Maths

Take a look at your calculator. Devise a sum that Santa could solve using each of the buttons.

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