Santa’s Grotto Spring Clean

After Christmas, Santa’s grotto wasn’t at all unlike any other house elsewhere in the North Pole in Spring. After the holidays, Santa everyone got cracking with the house – keeping. As soon as all the mince pies were eaten, soon the rug was being beaten. Once all the presents had been unwrapped, the washing machine was switched on and all the laundry was flapped. There were so many pairs of stockings, that the washing line almost snapped ! Santa brought the vacuum cleaner from the cupboard in the hall and got busy sucking up all the household dust – they really had a ball ! Although he only wanted to make sure the dirt and grime disappeared, Santa polished the fairy lights until a magic fairy appeared. Just like a genie, when she danced, it tickled Santa’s beard ! Santa carefully carried the Christmas tree outside, removed all the tinsel and replaced the baubles into a box. He stitched the tears in his red and white suit and darned the holes in his socks. Although the step ladder could only just about reach, Santa swept away the cobwebs and scrubbed everywhere in the grotto with bleach. When he pressed the mat, Santa even flattened the cat ! He shook the rug and washed every mug. There was a big pile of ironing to do. Drawers to sort, dresses to hang and wardrobes to clear out, too ! The washing machine had never been so much in use. In fact, when Santa put it onto “FAST SPIN”, it quickly burnt a fuse.
Chasing all the mice into the backyard, Santa scrubbed the floor, forward and backward hard. He swished his mop and it couldn’t stop – he’d reached Mo the eskimo’s igloo, before the bad weather began to drop. With Santa’s new broom, he swept away all the presents in the living room. All of the reindeers managed to escape as Santa tidied up the bedroom. When Santa’s grotto got a spring clean, the bathroom, too, got a lick of fresh paint – in his favourite colour – evergreen ! Soon, even Gerome the gnome was the cleanest sheeniest gnome ever seen ! Before long, Santa had covered Rudolph the reindeer in windoleen ! “Free gifts for everyone !” was announced on the TV – as all the elves joined in, making the grotto as shiny as could be. Santa was in such a Spring clean rush, that he gave everywhere an ultra – glean brush. He polished the mistletoe so much, the Christmas fairy began to blush ! All the elves joined in making the grotto plush.

Of course, Santa sometimes accidentally swept away the odd toy train set, as well. In all of this commotion, on the step landed a locomotion … and the odd bottle of hand lotion ! Christmas didn’t need a magic spell or special wish – potion. From the grotto kitchen door, presents galore landed onto the floor ! (all swept from beneath the kitchen table, or gnomes’ secret store !). Santa’s neighbours loved his Spring clean, compared to all the other houses in the street, toys landed all over the green. Whilst the elves made the place tidy and neat, there was lots of left – over junk, once the tidying was complete. Outside, the gnomes formed a queue in the cold ice, snow and sleet. If they were lucky, Mrs. Christmas handed them a sweet ! But they considered themselves luckier still, when one or toys flew out of the windowsill ! By Santa’s gate, the Spring clean was great ! (though it did seem that the festivities had come a bit late !). By the time that Santa had finished cleaning up every room, he’d brought a little bit of Christmas spirit to everyone, cheering up the gloom ! Outside in the garden, despite the snow, the flowers started to bloom !

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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