The Christmas That Santa Arrived By Parachute

On his way back from France, Santa often called in on his friends at the barracks – he loved a good Christmas army dance ! When he crash – landed on the roof of batallion number one – a group of soldiers on red watch came rushing over – they thought that an invasion had come ! Santa had a lot of Christmas presents for the Captain – in – chief (a brand new, shiny penknife and a new handkerchief !). The barracks chimney was rather hot – because the fireside had been burning, cooking food for all the soldiers that it had got. There was an aroma of tasty things to eat – as Santa took a whiff, he didn’t watch his feet ! Ooops ! He accidentally knocked off the television aerial onto the street. Then Christmas really completely took off – to the smell of Stroganof !

When the Sergeant came to see what all the fuss was about, people had gathered around and about. Santa started sneezing on a cloud of soot, he couldn’t get a grip with his foot and he kicked a tile loose with his boot. Snowballs fell to the floor … icicles shook above the grotto kitchen door. What Santa really needed was a parachute – so he didn’t have to slide down chimneys in clouds of soot. He lifted his booty bag over his head and decided to launch off the rooftop instead, narrowly missing the flowerbed. There was a cold wind, blowing form the West, when Santa launched into flight, almost landing on the rooftop’s magpie nest ! Slowly, he glided down, but then there was a gust … and he slided into town. He passed a shop, but couldn’t stop … so the shopkeeper handed him a lollipop ! Very soon, when the wind blew again, Santa crashed into the barracks windowpane. With a parachute, he could fly round the world faster than on an aeroplane ! He only hoped that it wouldn’t rain ! (because a parachute isn’t that much use in a drain !).

After a rest on the perimeter fence, Santa decided to head off once more. Delivering presents was much easier by parachute – two thousand feet off the floor. It was great to see the stars as they shoot. Santa had travelled about ten thousand miles, when he suddenly heard a “Hiss !”. Over the mountains of Peru, a seagull had caught the parachute with its beak as it flew ! Santa veered right, aiming for a nearby runway, but with such a strong wind, he might miss. Something popped above his head, and the parachute started to deflate – “Gadzooks !”, he cried hoping the world’s children wouldn’t mind having to wait. Repairing the hole would take an hour – he’d be late.

Luckily, a truck from the army barracks was passing by that way … they remembered how kind Santa had been, when he brought presents on Christmas day. Just like true superheroes, the soldiers saved the day, helping Santa repair the hole and showing him a place he could stay, since he didn’t have his sleigh ! A bit of glue was all it took, to piece together a patch and make sure it stuck, thankfully getting Santa off the hook !

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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