The Christmas Present That Santa Couldn’t Lift Up

Usually, Santa didn’t have much trouble carrying even the heaviest gift, but these days he found that he had a problem to lift ! “Ouch !”, Santa gave out a groan, as he tried lifting a present as heavy as a stone. Every time that Santa lifted the heavy present, he dropped it again … the whole situation was fast becoming a strain – a real pain ! His back ached and his hands were so sore – Santa didn’t want to be a yuletide postman, anymore !

Santa asked Mo the eskimo if he had a spare fishing rod to loan, but it quickly snapped. Although they fought to lift the present, it was utterly trapped. Of course, after a whole year of toy – making, there are a considerable number of boxes that need shifting. But Santa hadn’t expected to be roped in, snow – drift weight – lifting ! Santa called Gerome the gnome to come and help, but he was even smaller and there was no way the present was going to be easily pulled. It was heavy work. Although the elves tugged with all their might, in the snow, the enormous package was absolutely stuck tight !

What Santa really needed was a crane, or even a rocket launch, that shot presents off like an aeroplane (and made sure that they didn’t come back down to Earth again !). A cannonball … or a tug – of – war rope. He heaved again, but there was no hope ! The evening was drawing near and even if a truck came, it would probably then be New Year and the mishap would still probably be the same ! The present was just too heavy, indeed, and there was nothing that could be done until morning, everyone agreed.

The next morning, as Santa awoke, he had an idea. As he rolled over in bed underneath the blanket, through the windowsill he saw a sign to the North Pole – “Ah ha !”- that

was what was needed to crank it ! Santa fetched a branch from the tallest evergreen tree … one … two … three ! Using the branch as a lever, slowly at first, Santa made the obstacle quiver. As Santa wriggled, the present wiggled … but it didn’t break free, for all that he jiggled. Just as Santa was about to give up, along came the Snowman who helped lift it up. With a bit of double – action, together Santa and the Snowman applied some traction.

Santa thought that it was impossible to achieve it … now he just simply couldn’t believe it ! it was much easier to heave it ! “Oh blow ! It just won’t go !”, Santa gave a curse, then took a deep breath, just like Mister Universe. Santa flexed his muscles and gave a tug – Whoosh ! the jammed present popped out of the hole like a plug ! With a bit of elbow grease, the heavy present was easy to release !

Santa still had one problem, of course : once the present was in the boot would he fit ? (he wasn’t sure which was worse !). Also, even if Santa managed to get the present into the sleigh, would he then still be able to fly around the Milky Way ? Or would the heavy present make sure that only on the ground, he could stay. Luckily, the Christmas fairy waved her magic wand and off floated the sleigh, carrying the heavy present all over Santaland (as planned !). The magic spell helped the sleigh to propel … carrying the heavy present (and a even heavier Santa as well !).

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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