Mrs. Christmas’s Wobbly Jelly


Of all of the things in the grotto that made Chrismtas merry, generally, it was Mrs. Christmas’s strawberry jelly (though how much it wobbled, depended on if she’d spilt the sherry !). It wobbled so much that no – one could decide the right place for the cherry ! When Santa came home, he thought he saw a squid, wobbling as much as Mrs. Christmas’s jelly did !

Underneath the table, where he sat, Santa suddenly heard a very loud “SPLAT !”. At first, Santa thought that he’d sat on the cat, then, suddenly something started shaking and landed on the mat ! Mrs. Christmas’s wobbly jelly measured so high on the Richter Scale, that everyone thought in the grotto, there lived a whale ! As the jelly wriggled, Santa giggled … Soon, all of Santaland was higgledy – piggledy ! It must have been an octopus that jiggled so vigorously, thus, and wiggled Santa more than a ride on a bus !

The enormous jelly quivered precariously, as Mrs. Christmas carried the jelly to the table for tea. When Mrs. Christmas carried the jelly from the kitchen, it was almost as if she was itchin’ ! First the jelly shook the table, then the TV … then the TV cable. Then it shook the house and the gable. Next, the jelly shook the door … it landed on the floor and shook Santa so he couldn’t keep still anymore ! It shook the shelf and shook the cup and saucer belonging to the elf … who shook so much he shook himself !

First, Santa tried to lock it in a suitcase. He stuck the lid down with paste, but the wobbly jelly bounced off in haste ! Then, Santa put the wobbly jelly on the fireplace – but it soon disappeared without a trace ! Soon all of Santaland shook, as Santa gave chase. The Christmas fairy was the winner of the race, she was the only one who could fly as the jelly sped off into outer space !

When Santa cried “Ho ! Ho ! Ho !”, the whole of the grotto shook in the snow. Santa tried to keep Mrs. Christmas’s jelly still by placing it out of harm’s way on the windowsill. It shook open the window and wobbled over the hill ! It almost looked as if it had a chill ! Outside Mrs. Christmas’s jelly shook the trees. When off fell all the leaves, Santa thought there was a windy breeze !

Out in the garden shed, Gerome the gnome was painting a doll’s house red – he thought he’d spilled some paint, when he slushy footprints across the flowerbed, but really it was the jelly, instead ! (or perhaps the sherry trifle had gone to his head !). “Stop that jelly !”, Santa cried to Rudolph the the reindeer to come and help “Ouch !” the reindeer gave a yelp, as it came his way (it didn’t land until Christmas day !). Thinking the wobbly jelly was really stew, Rudolph took a bite and started wobbling too !

Cold or hot, it didn’t matter if it was in a dish, or not, Mrs. Christmas’s jelly wobbled a lot. Mrs. Christmas thought that a carol singer had come to call, when she heard the knocker rattle in the hall – but it was the jelly, four feet tall ! (in fact it came in rather handy for filling in the cracks in the wall). When the jelly arrived in France, everyone thought it was a new kind of dance (Mrs. Christmas’s enormous jelly would have wobbled over the Himalayas, given half the chance !). Better than a *** take – away, when Mrs. Christmas’s enormous jelly took everyone’s breath away …

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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