Santa’s Magic Christmas Forklift Truck

Santa often had problems carrying so many large boxes. In fact, it was always a squeeze to get them to all fit on his sleigh, let alone to launch off, then fly away ! One year, Santa’s sleigh didn’t pass it’s MOT (probably because of the snow, you know) so he spent the whole holiday in the garage trying to get the damn thing to go ! Anyway, these days a sleigh was a little old – fashioned. The sleigh bell was noisy and reindeer carrots were being rationed.

Hardly surprising, therefore, that Santa decided to trade in his sleigh. He much rather would have had a porsche, or even a ferrari, (well, any racing car, of course). Something shiny, that gleamed in the Sun. Although at Midnight, Mid – Winter, it’s usually dark and he couldn’t be seen by anyone, Santa thought a new model of sleigh would be rather fun. Something supersonic – with a jet – propelled engine underneath the bonnet. A toboggan would have suited him fine – maybe then, he wouldn’t get another parking fine ! Of course, he’d have to be careful after drinking so much shery wine ! In the race to deliver most presents all over the place, all Santa wanted to be was the first in the race. There was a new toy assignment to despatch and Santa feared they wouldn’t all fit in the sleigh’s cargo hatch.

Santa put an advertisement in the Santaland gazette – to see if anyone had a spare motor to sell or one to let. He’d hardly arrived home from the office, when the telephone started ringing (I guess, all the people wanted to see what special presents he’d be bringing !) . Santa received such a good reply, that people soon started arriving at the grotto, saying they had a vehicle Santa could try. Santa didn’t have much parking space – he only had one garage (not much parking space) and there were quite a few visitors. So he decided to call for a competition – a prize draw – to find which was the fastest and best car to deliver the world’s presents. He set the date for Thanksgiving – as soon as the weather began to thaw ! Membership of Santa’s racing club was free. The route was a marathon – the winner was the first there and back around the Chrismtas tree !

On the day, Santa lined everyone in a line behind the washing line. “BANG !”, he fired a pistol and suddenly gave a whine ! Santa had shot himself in the foot – the elf brought bandages and on the wound, ointment was put. Then he tried again … “BANG !”, off all the competitors flew, at a speed of about fifty miles per hour (it would have been faster, but it was the opposite direction that the wind blew). Although slow, the winner was grand – a forklift truck, that picked up the hatstand. Although it didn’t have much speed, it had all the lifting power that Santa did need (and it needed a lick of paint, everyone agreed !). Santa put the old sleigh into a vintage car rally – which he intended to join when he retired. It was still in good working condition, but some of the plugs needed to be re – wired !

Really, he should have had a driving test – he headed East instead of West ! When Santa brought the new forklift truck home, he narrowly avoided picking up Gerome the gnome. The Christmas fairy was passing by that way, when she saw Santa parking the forklift truck in the parking place of the old sleigh. Deciding that it needed to quicker, she waved her magic wand to make the journey somewhat slicker (just to be on the safe side, she added a “learner” sticker !). Puff ! in a cloud of magic moondust and with a little shazzam jazz, the forklift truck began performing like a strongman, with Christmas razzmatazz. All Santa wanted was for the forklift truck to pick up a thousand packets, but it picked up Santa by the collar of one of his favourite jackets ! One of it’s tricks was to pick up sticks – but with a little magic, it easily lifted a whole pile of bricks !

All around the grotto, the magic Christmas forklift truck started lift. It picked up Gerome the gnome’s garden shed (“Help !”, he cried, trying not to look down – then started enjoying the panorama of the nearby town !). Frosty the Snowman was heavier than a polar bear … but no bother : the forklift truck first lifted one, then another ! The magic Christmas forklift truck picked up the polar bear (it did land again, but no – one knows where !). As an avalanche of snow towards them drifted, the snowman wanted the Christmas tree to be lifted. Luckily, the forklift truck was gifted and though enormous, the Christmas tree was soon shifted ! Rudolph the reindeer had a pile of carrots so big that it almost blocked the door, but the magic forklift truck lifted them, one by one, four feet off the floor ! Rudolph also helped get rid of the pile of hay, by chomping a little of it (the haystack was three inches smaller by Christmas Day !). In the kitchen, Mrs. Christmas was busy baking the biggest ever mince pie. She was wondering how to get it out of the oven, but now, she didn’t even need to try : easy as pie, the forklift truck lifted it so high, three blackbirds fell out of the sky ! Mrs. Christmas who’d come outside to take a closer look, rushed back indoors, to check her mince pie, (though a forklift truck wasn’t in her recipe book, she was amazed when the forklift truck lifted the pie onto the door hook !).

Only when the engine started to over – boil and the tank ran out of oil, was there a pause in the Christmas toil. That’s when everyone took a break – and sat down at the grotto table, to taste Mrs. Chrismtas’s bake ! Luckily, when all the lot was eaten, none of them could stand up but they still weren’t to be beaten ! They all had put on a few pounds and the forklift truck had run a few rounds. Once fed, the forklift truck carried them all to bed, including Santa who by now was going red ! “Take me to bed !”, was all he said. Christmas had never been so uplifting as when Santa’s forklift truck started shifting !

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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