The Christmas That Santa Got A Magic *** TV

The magic *** television that Santa gave to Gerome the gnome as a present came in a very ordinairy box. In fact, it looked so much like an ordinaity cardboard show box than a special gift, that Santa almost forgot to put it into one of his stocking socks ! But Santa should’ve guessed that something extra – ordinairy was about to happen when he landed his sleigh on the grotto rooftop : and the television aerial flashed as he braked to stop. On his way home from the shop, every telegraph pole in Santa’s street crackled and buzzed like a radio transmission, so it as no surprise at all that when the gift was opened, the wrapping paper revealed a brand new *** television !


The remote control of the magic *** TV could do wonderful things – so all the world could see. When Santa sat down, the street lamps flashed all over Santatown. On Christmas Eve, Santa was sat as usual in his favourite armchair, when magic lightening flashed everywhere ! Suddenly the cat’s whiskers started to twitch … Santa must have turned on the BBB switch ! As he settled down to watch the afternoon matinee, instead of a well – known superstar, the film featured the fairy off his Christmas tree ! That’s when Santa finally concluded that the television was magic, so then was constantly glued to it !


All holiday, the *** television stayed plugged in – only when everyone had finished watching their favourite programmes could the Christmas celebrations begin. Gerome the gnome almost missed his lunch, because he was waiting for the DIY feature to fix the broken table that he’d accidentally crunched. At three o ‘ clock, Mrs. Christmas’s favourite cooking programme was about to start. She had picked a new recipe – a crumbly, mince pie tart that she wanted to bake for Santa’s picnic packed lunch, before he was about to depart.


Soon, everything in the grotto was being *** zapped. There were many things about having a magic *** television remote control – especially since then the bad weather could be zapped. When things around the grotto became broke, Santa gave them a whizz of *** magic. Suddenly, the magic remote control magically brightened the day – the rain stopped and the rainclouds blew away. If the cat in the grotto purred loudly at Santa’s ankles for a saucer of milk – Santa zapped the fridge with the magic *** remote control so the bottle jumped off the shelf and poured cream all by itself from the jug ! Within minutes, the moggie was back rolling on the rug. The robin red breast’s nest fell from a Christmas tree branch – soon, the baby birds were all singing again magically. In an icy breeze, the snowman’s carrot nose fell off – now he had no way to sneeze and cough ! a flash of Santa’s remote magic was enough so that once more they were off ! When he zapped the garden from the windowsill, for the snowman was magicked a flu – pill … as well as scaring off all the crows over the hill !

In the grotto kitchen if Mrs. Christmas dropped a pie, which flipped off the table as she chase a fly, a zap of the magic *** remote control flew it once more through the sky … and channel two started (though no – one could explain why … of course, no – one had the remotest idea that it was remote magic !). Santa got busy doing all the housework magically. The floor was soon mopped and the wood for the fire was quickly chopped. If a tyre on Santa’s sleigh popped, Santa fixed it with the magic *** remote control (just in the case the magic stopped). In one wave of is hand – the magic *** was better than a magic wand. Gerome the gnome, naturally, would had done all this work, but he’d broken the handle off the pitchfork. So, Santa made sure that he fixed that too – with some remote control magic – so they could get on making the stew !

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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