The Christmas That Santa Lost His Marbles

Before his great getaway, one year, Santa had just about finished packing up his sleigh, when he slipped, accidentally, and headed off towards next May ! There was just one more gift to go, which unfortunately, Santa dropped in the snow. He brought a checklist of all the toys he’d made to see which he’d discarded in the enchanted fairy glade. He thought it may have been a teddy bear, or a doll’s house that regretably, he’d disregarded, but it was difficult to see – Santa wasn’t wearing his spectacles and the light was starting to fade. In the rush, he dropped a set of marbles for a boy in South America, in the holly bush. One of them was found next morning on the lawn, by the garden thrush. Anyway, he didn’t have much room left … since Rudolph the red nose reindeer had put on some weight since last year, it would’ve been too much of a crush !
The Christmas that Santa lost at marbles, was a real ball ! Although no – one could find Santa’s set of marbles anywhere, luckily, Santa still came around to call. Strange how, at Christmas some things seem strange, not just an ordinairy set of marbles, but bullets from a shooting range ! Bullseye ! there were marbles flying all through the night sky. At first, the snowman thought there was another undiscovered planet, which like the three Wise Men, he’d spotted. Together with Santa a new journey around the universe, they plotted. It couldn’t have been a meteorite, because Santa noticed, the U – F – O zigzaged left, then right !

Although Santa’s wall was strongly built, ever since it was hit by one of Santa’s marbles, there’s been a tilt ! A catapult was Gerome the gnome’s favourite gift – which he used to scare away the crows that appeared on the snowdrift. Santa found one of his marbles, as he bent down to lift ! The Christmas fairy thought she’d seen, a shooting star, over the evergreen … but actually, it was the fastest ever marble that had ever been ! “Look out !, the Christmas fairy cried out, as another lost marble went spinning about – it smashed the windowpane, the next time she looked out, then richocheted off the garden shed and landed with a clout.

The marbles landed in a million and one different places. Some of them disappeared without the slightest of traces. One landed on Rudolph the red nose reindeer’s nose – now whenever he sneezes, Christmas rock ‘n’ rolls. Another marble landed in Mrs. Christmas’s biggest ever mince pie that she was baking for Santa’s lunch – now Christmas dinner, really goes with a crunch ! One marble landed on the bird table – off flew the robin red breast, as quick as he was able. But the best marble of all, landed in Gerome the gnome’s watering can, which was placed on the garden wall – now, when he does the gardening, a Christmas tree with marble baubles has grown ten feet tall. Santa even found a marble in his Christmas dinner … he did try to have a game, with Gerome the gnome, but luckily his marble was the winner ! No wonder that the pea – soup made by Mrs. Christmas seemed to get thicker, not thinner ! As the marble plopped from the pan into the dish, it scored another point (to win at the Christmas game of marbles was Santa’s greatest ever wish !).

© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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