Aladdin Santa And The Christmas That Santa Arrived On A Magic Rug

Santa’s sleigh was broken down, as he headed back, he heard something “CRACK !”, somewhere on the other side of town. It was a route that was regularly flown, but in the darkness, Santa couldn’t see, so he polished the sleigh headlamps vigorously. Although it seemed like he was polishing a stone, still Santa’s map of the world couldn’t be shown, as across the Moon, clouds were blown. The sleigh was full of mud – the lights didn’t shine as brightly as they should. Although Santa scrubbed as hard as he could, he still couldn’t see light at the end of the wood. An owl hooted (a frightening sound), as the wind howled all around. All Santa could see were dead leaves on the ground, he found, so he brought a mop and bucket around.
The journey so far had been rather tough. There were many bends and the track was rough. The headlamps on Santa’s sleigh soon got broken on the way (now he’d never reach the South Pole by Saturday !). It took all morning to find a parking spot to stay ! Without so much as a spark, Santa was left in the dark. He did have a torch, which he fetched from out of his boot, but it didn’t work. Although Santa turned the engine OFF and ON, nothing happened – the fuse must have gone. Santa still had a thousand presents to deliver (so far, he’d managed none – to post a parcel cost five pounds just for one !). Without any lights working, Santa really was a hopeless sleigh – driver (nor would the engine work without a screw – driver). He wasn’t sure how long the rest of the journey would take and he didn’t have enough time to wait until Daybreak.
Looking for the right switch, Santa leaned over and accidentally fell into a ditch ! By now his beard had started to twitch and his whiskers began to itch ! Soon, he was dusty and flea – ridden and the light of the headlamps remained hidden. He was sure that he’d brought the right key for the sleigh, even if he wasn’t sure which and got lost on the way ! (when the Sunset stopped, the light dropped, so he couldn’t see anyway !). Inside the sleigh engine something popped, there was a hiss and the light flopped, as Santa sped around the roundabout. First a fuse burst, then, even worse, that’s when the electricity fizzled out. BANG ! (something rang). Santa polished hard … then even harder still, until something suddenly flashed on the larder windowsill. Santa realised immeadiately, that it must have Gerome the Gnome in the kitchen, as he got home and sang. Pans clattered, a glass shattered – for Gerome, to get to bed was all that mattered. “Sssshh ! Keep the noise down”, Mrs. Christmas cried in the background, as she and the Christmas Fairy also chattily nattered. A screw fell loose and a splash of oil splattered on the goose. There was bedlam all about (in and out all of the house) ! Although Gerome the gnome tried to keep quiet, he was unable – hardly surprising, as he tripped over the television cable ! He picked himself up and dusted himself off. As if that wasn’t enough, in a cloud of smoke, the gnome started to cough. Luckily, neither Santa nor his gnome were hurt, but there was now even more dirt !
First, with a feather duster, which then flew off in a robin redbreast fluster, then with a rag, Santa polished the sleigh headlamps – he hoped it would soon look like a jag ! But there was not even the slightest of rays … Santa had had much brighter days. Suddenly, in a puff of a magician’s magic trick, Santa’s troubles disappeared, when quite by magic, a genie disappeared.Santa had polished so much that he’d released a ghost – the Fairy of Christmas Past (who’d been asleep longer than most !). Just like Aladdin, (except with a wand), the dinner party prepared by Mrs. Christmas could now begin and Wow ! it was sure to taste grand. No more left over crumbs in a car park, no more up with the skylark ! no more fireworks after dark ! but tasty mince pastry instead … Before long, even the kitchen mouse was covered in icing sugar from the tip of his tail, to his head.
Because the sleigh was magic, it’s ghost could grant Santa a wish – of course, all Santa wanted was to be home, as soon as possible or was it really imp – ossible ? In three magic words – “Abracadabra – Christmas – Candleabra !”, then, WHOOSH ! SWISH ! En route, as around the universe, stars started to shoot, Santa decided to perform a trick of two as they flew (though everyone knew, it was really the direction that the chilly North wind blew !). By now, the sleigh was rather an untidy mess, mainly becasue at cleaning, Santa was hopeless. Santa did try to picnic with etiquette, but had never managed it, yet ! From the pocket of Santa’s red and white jacket, fell a very noisy crisp packet. Each time Santa munched, crumbs flew everywhere as he crunched. By two, Santa fancied a snack, so snapped a cracker into two – breadcrumb snow scattered all over the world, from above above, where they flew ! If the wind blew wrongly, an empty bottle of fizzy pop rattled strongly ! Before they’d finished their roam and reached home, Santa decided to give the sleigh a quick squirt of shaving foam ! and shook the rug at Gerome the Gnome ! When Santa vacuumed in the sky, he waved the hoover a thousand miles high – on every one of the planets in the Solar System, they Spring cleaned, then waved goodbye. To sweep away moondust and meteorites, the pair flew around great heights, before navigating home via the Northern lights. No wonder the whole world appeared sparklish – everyone of the moondust snowflakes contained a secret magic wish.
The sleigh rug that Santa shook also became magic, too. When the sleigh broke down, the magic carpet flew and flew. Santa tried to steer – 3,000 miles into the air, he did a loop – de – loop from here to there, then everywhere ! From above the clouds, there was a panoramic view of Santaland as he flew, though the flight path hadn’t been planned, Santa could see the North as well as the South Pole, too ! But the place that Santa loved most on the Earth, was his grotto home, where all the elves awaited, full of bubble and mirth. It took all his might and he had to cling onto the tassles ever so tight – but Santa circled the chimney crying “Goodnight !”. He narrowly missed the chimney pot (and he hadn’t even had to put a penny into the slot !) … but thanks to Christmas razzmatazz, his headlamps illuminated the way, rather a lot.
After Santa tried it, Mrs. Christmas washed and dried it … the Robin dyed it and the mouse spied it, until finally, the grotto pussy cat tried to hide it. The rug was placed in front of the fire, over the hole in the floorboard and the video wire. Of course, as cats often do, Santa’s moggy rolled over it and fell off it, too ! But since the magic rug could fly, the cat’s sleep was not that deep : every now and then, he took great leaps ! The Aladdin lamps decorate the porch and come in very handy, when Gerome needs to get to the garden shed, as a torch. Now, whenever Santa stumbles home drunk, he lands on a comfortable mat never falls over the cat, though he tumbles with a CLUNK !
© Jacqueline Richards 2008
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