Santa’s Magic Crystal Ball Christmas & The Gypsy Rose Spell

Gerome the gnome, the elfish thief, was getting upto his usual selfish mischief, one Christmas Day, when with the grotto’s magic crystal ball, he started to play. He had picked up the magic crystal ball, for under a pound at the church fete jumble stall (although he almost didn’t make it all). Now home, Gerome the gnome, kept the crystal ball on the mantelpiece, where the Sun sparkled on the dome. When he kicked the crystal ball, it rolled away … it landed up on the other side of Boxing Day. Seeing into the future, was a very useful trick to know. It was fortunate to know which way to duck and go ! (especially when down chimney pots, Santa appeared from the snow). Gerome the gnome was only trying to see the future, and what Mrs. Christmas was going to cook for tea – he hadn’t at all expected to soon be practising his wizardry ! When he brought down the crystal ball from the fireplace shelf, it was only because he was looking forward to Christmas greatly, himself. The chair wobbled beneath his feet … he reached out and glanced to see if the gift – wrapping was complete … then singed his beard in the fire’s heat ! There were hundreds of presents beneath the Christmas tree – Gerome the gnome wanted to try the crystal ball to prepare for the holidays more clearly. Question number one was this – what presents would be whizz and who underneath the mistletoe was he going to kiss ? Although he was rather short – sighted, when, in the crystal ball, Gerome the gnome saw a mirror image of a new bicycle, he was, of course, delighted ! A simple “Abracadabra – Christmas – Candleabra” was all that it took … and a magic spell started to cook faster than a recipe in one of Mrs. Christmas’s “Good Luck Looks” cookery books. “Gadzooks !”, cried Christy, “Crystal Christmas spooks !”. When Gerome the gnome threw the crystal ball into the air, magic moondust sprinkled everywhere !
Before long, throughout the grotto, a number of magic disappearances had occurred (including rather a lot of sherry trifle and three crackers with lemon curd !). “Where have my mince pies gone ?!”, Mrs. Christmas cried, (though no – one heard) … she never spent much time at school, though she tried, so she didn’t understand a single word. The double cream was now just a dream – Gerome the gnome checked the whereabout in the crystal ball, but it was covered in sticky ice – cream ! Gerome the gnome sped off down the hall but Mrs. Christmas knew he was the guilty culprit, because she spooted him in the crystal ball. Nor was it at all a surprise, when making the beds, the next day, she ended up mince – pied upto her eyes ! As Mrs. Christmas vacuum cleaned across the floor, a trail of crumbs led to Gerome’s door. Of course, Robin Redbreast didn’t see the joke – there were no breadcrumbs left, when he awoke ! Christy the Christmas fairy came to rescue the day – and used the crystal ball to make sure everything was O.K. She thought hard and magicked Mrs. Christmas a packet of lard, then she made sure the broom swept from upstairs downstairs to the backyard.
All well and dandy – a crystal ball at Christmas time came in very handy ! The problem was, there was still tiswas ‘cos Christy the Christmas fairy came from the South coast, so the spells that she cast were more foreign than most. The words of her spells often got rather mixed up – and it took a number of attempts to get properly fixed up ! A sprinkle of moondust and a touch of oil, Christy hoped that the recipe wouldn’t spoil. So the pot wouldn’t over – boil, Christy span around and waved her magic wand, in a spinning coil. Eventually, she did end up with a delicious cake for her afternoon toil.
Although, at first, she didn’t get the spell at all right, it tasted just right (a little bit salty, but fine for Christmas party night). To make sure it was “purr” – fect, she gave the mixture a stir, tasted it on her finger and gave a bit to the cat (it landed on it’s fur !). Hardly surprising, he didn’t want much more ! To get them out of debt, Christy tried to tell the whole world about her food for the pet, using the crystal ball in a game of Russian roulette. Guess we all should have seen it coming, I bet, that it wouldn’t be easy … I hear she still hasn’t finished the spell, yet ! Christy’s “telling – spelling” spell was even reported in the Santaland gazette. Three magic words were all that were needed – “Abracadabra – Christmas – Candleabra !” to ensure the spell succeeded. Finally, a spidery world wide cobweb from the garden made sure that the flowerbeds got weeded !.
Also, Christy the Christmas fairy had never tried this particular trick before, so when she juggled the crystal ball, it only rolled over the floor and hit the door ! Despite going to catch it, Christy couldn’t match it – she tore her tiara and had to patch it ! There was only one thing for it … Christy the Christmas fairy went to ensure it and soon everyone in the grotto began to adore it. Of course, it was the crystal ball that had the answer (who knows ? a little bit of it’s magic might even make Santa a better dancer !). Christmas had never been so much fun as when everyone in the grotto, on a crystal ball got spun. Stars shot through the air, bubbles burst everywhere !In the crystal glass, Christy the Christmas fairy saw the postman pass (with hundreds of letters also doing a disappearing act fast. “Arrgghh !”, everyone agreed, the postman’s arrival was truly “Great ! at last !” (hardly expecting what unruly fate was about to enter the kitchen chaos, en masse !). As he entered through the door, there was an icy blast, in the crystal ball, snowflakes fluttered – everyone was aghast !

Waving hello to the postman, as along the garden path, Christy the Christmas fairy tripped incidentally, she bumped into Santa accidentally. As she skipped, the crystal ball from her pocket slipped (only because it was magic, it didn’t get dusty or chipped !). In order to ensure that Christmas started exceeding well, Christy – Crystal decided to make a “Succeeding” spell. Rather than that mess, the festivities became quickly much more of a success and there was, everywhere, much more wand – waved happiness ! The crystal ball rolled down the path, narrowly missing knocking off the robin from the brid bath. “Shazam ! Goddam !”, Christy muttered, as one or two of his feathers, onto the lawn fluttered. In the kitchen a little of the champagne got spluttered ! At first, the postman thought he was seeing things, Christmas in crystal all kind of rings. So, not having had a drink for a while, left the grotto after a glass of sherry, with rather a wide smile ! … (and promptly fell over after about a half a mile !). In the crystal ball, Christy the Christmas fairy could also see, a hundred or so baubles hanging on the Christmas tree and about only 2 left – over chocolate biscuits, that she imagined with E.S.P. would be for tea !


The Spelling Spell – Getting Writing Right Alright !

Think of something to do with Christmas and then design a spell, complete with a set of instructions to make the construction work. You may work in groups, but each individual ought to create something unique. Example – a recipe for mince pies, spell instructions to get the dolls in the doll’s house to come alive.


All The “Alls”

In this story, how many all are there in all ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2008



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