The Christmas When Santa Lost A Piece of the Jigsaw Puzzle

One Christmas, Santa got a jigsaw as a gift, though it wasn’t long before he lost some of it in a snowdrift ! The Christmas when Santa lost a piece of the jigsaw, was the happiest Christmas anyone ever saw … most of it looking for lost jigsaw pieces, crawling around on the floor ! Although he tried as hard as he could to lift it, a piece fell down the side of the settee and he simply couldn’t shift it.

To count them, Santa lined up what pieces he had on the windowsill – the last that I heard, he’s looking still. One went missing whilst Santa was out wishing. – no – one had to keep guessing where he;d gone – of course, he’d gone fishing ! Santa waved as he saw his mate’s kid – he tripped on the garden path then suddenly skid. A Wellington boot hit the Christmas tree and all the gifts beneath hid …

Most of the pieces headed towards the tea. Into the pot, dropped a lot. Over the plate, a jigsaw piece skate – Santa went off looking so long, dinner had to wait and the tea had gone strong, before long. A piece of jigsaw landed on Santa’s rug, another in Mrs. Christmas’s cream jug. When Santa went to chomp a bite – a piece flew past just like a kite. A photograph of a chicken sandwich wasn’t enough to fill his enormous appetite ! and soon, the whole room was covered in jigsaw stuff ! But Mrs. Christmas still had some crackers, which tasted alright. The Christmas when Santa lost a piece of the jigsaw puzzle, Christmas started to immeadiately fizzle … as another piece landed in the snow and drizzle.

Bits and pieces flew through the air, as Santa threw pieces everywhere. There was a picture of a chip underneath the table and a chip off the table underneath the picture. To the rug, another lost jigsaw puzzle made a very nice fixture. Santa sat for at least an hour, still trying to piece together all the petals of the jigsaw’s flower. He wanted make the pieces all fit right … but another piece flew off in flight. No wonder, Santa looked incredibly puzzled – some of the picture was hidden by crumbs from the mince pie that he’d just guzzled. One puzzle piece hit the cat on the head … Santa found another in the flowerbed (should’ve been a blue one, but he saw red !). Rudolph the red nose reindeer squashed one piece as around the corner he sped. By now, in Santa’s Christmas pudding, thre wasn’t a full shilling … he would have much rather have been baking mince pies – but there wasn’t nearly enough filling ! No wonder Christmas got mixed up – it took an hour to find the lost puzzle, to get the jigsaw properly fixed up.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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