The Christmas When Santa Arrived Via Windows


One Christmas, Santa had had enough of going through the chimney pot. Needless to say, he often didn’t hit the right spot – when he miseed the fireplace … he felt a real clot (and it was hot !). Anyway, he decided to give it his best shot. “What a lot of rot !”, he thought, “What other entrances has the house got ?”. Santa thought about the letterbox slot, then tried the door to see if would open, (it would not !). Rather than be thought of as a cat burglar thief, Santa decided he’d try parachuting in through Windows in a very large handkerchief. Santa tied up a long piece of rope – but it didn’t stretch all that well (there was little hope !). His enormous Wellington boots undid the knot, “Yippee !”, he cried as he slid down. Santa still managed to climb up for a word with the robin on the gutter – from there, he could see all over town ! His head was spinning and his heart was a – flutter.

But the unravelled thread soon had a hole, probably made from undropping a large piece of coal. “It’s getting rather cold”, Mrs. Christmas began to scold, as the truth of their Wintery adventures bean to unfold. Although Santa’s ladder didn’t quite reach, he still had a bucket and spade from his Summer holiday on the beach. He still had a thousand parcels to deliver (as well as give an end of party speech). Perhaps he should pretend to be a Window cleaner ? then he could deliver presents environmentally greener ! So Santa climbed up the drainpipe, to give the grotto windows a wipe (where there had become dirty from him smoking his pipe !). Whilst he was up there, he polished the brasses and gave the rooftop a clean swipe. He pinched an apple from the fruit bowl, but it wasn’t his favourite type.

Yippee ! YPE or IPE – circle the words you see with these two endings.

Santa put a flyer into every book he took – “Window cleaner has a vacancy spare”, written in bold, with splashes of colour everywhere. Before long, he was cleaning windows, here and there. He started in the North Pole and ended up in the South, moved along the streets in Dollarville then onto Spexmouth. When Mrs. Christmas last year, had bought Santa a bucket, she hardly expected that he’d have to muck it ! (or better still, unhook it to chuck it !). Santa had brought an old rag, (a tatty old bit of booty bag) – he hitch – hiked a lift from Rudolph, the stag and quickly got cleaning. By the end of the morning, he’d finished all the windows, his sleigh and his jag. All of a sudden, there was a loud crack, Santa accidentally gave the windowframe a WHACK !. It wouldn’t be long, of course, before he was back on track – giving out gifts from his knapsack. His red and whire suit elastic which was slack, came in handy, for bunjee jumping, to bounce him back. Going through windows should have been easy – but the dust from the computer made him a little wheezy ! … perhaps it would have been handy if more of the windows were greasy !

Word Wall
Make a wall for Santa to climb, using words that link, with matching first and last letters. The first peson to reach a chimney, wins Santa’s gift.
4 Windows Words – Word 4 Windows – Windows 4 Words

* Teacher’s note – explain that a lot of reading is about matching shapes and sounds. Draw four windows on the whiteboard, (square, round, triangle and rectangle), then assort the following adjectives into the right category. Which word would fit through which window ?

ball      tin of peas      slice of cheese      onion      CR ROM

book    saucer and cup           briefcase      hatbox

photograph frame         alarm clock         roof of a house

mountaintops       bottle of shampoo       cheque book    glass

reel of cotton     bucket       tomato       tent      gold coin

box of matches          Christmas gift          crackers

Think of the A to Z alphabet. Which shapes can be seen in each letter. Imagine there is a snake (the letter S) travelling between windows. Draw the snake crawling along part of each letter.

What a Lot of Chimney Pots !

AT or OT – think of as many words as you can that include these two endings.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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