The Hungry Dog Who Got The Hots About A Hotdog

All the hungry hot dog wanted to be was a cool cat – with anything but sausages for tea …
Until he tried a *** hotdog, that is … (between you and me … !).
After that, he was in culinairy bliss …
Eating every *** hot dog that he could see.
Mustard or custard, to switch didn’t matter which,
Every time the hungry hot dog got the hots for a hotdog,
It was either his fleas, or he got a terrible itch !
Short or long, *** hotdogs on a roll were his delight …
The hungry hotdog had such an enormous appetite,
Sometimes he didn’t even wait to unwrap the serviette, before he took a bite !
The hungry hot dog licked his lips (to make sure no relish was wasted on his chips),
Even the onions tasted nice in dips.
Oh crumbs ! Here the hot dog comes ! With a terrible case of *** yum – yums !
A single can of *** hotdogs satisfied him and all his chums !
When the hungry hog saw a *** hotdog,
His belly started to rumble, his knees fell weak and he felt he’d crumble.
He jumped up and down so much, even his fleas took a *** hotdog tumble !
Just the aroma of *** hotdogs cooking,
Makes his mouth water, without even looking.
Before long, of course, he’s eaten them all,
With or without *** sauce ! (doesn’t matter at all !).
So nowadays when the hungry hot dog reaches into the burger van,
It’s only to give the *** hotdog man a ketchup kiss – but even then, as often as he can !

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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